See Toward Your Blogging Tomorrow

See Toward Your Blogging Tomorrow 2
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Today the power went out in the house. The internet went out, too.

I cannot publish anything online today. I can publish a high volume of blog content tomorrow. How? I can write a high volume of blog content today offline. I will save the content. I may be able to publish a high volume of blog content tomorrow if the power company and internet company fix the power lines and internet connection. But I do not worry; if both companies do not fix both tomorrow, I will write another 5-7 guest posts offline and publish the extra 5-7 guest posts online whenever the power company and internet company fix both.

Look toward your blogging tomorrow. Develop a vision. Never act powerless because circumstances do not seem favorable now. Never complain about what you do not have. Be thankful for what you do have. I have a laptop, a generator and Word. I run the generator to charge devices, to turn on the heat for a few hours and to write my rear end off. I work with what I have because I have a blogging vision.

Develop a Vision

See beyond today toward tomorrow.

Develop a vision for your life.

See fun and freedom in your future. Seeing fun and freedom in your future energizes you to BE the blogger who eventually lives that future, right now. Bloggers who have a freeing vision take steps to build that vision right now, no matter what obstacles appear to be in the way. Everyone else quits. All depends on your willingness to see where blogging appears to take you, via your vision.

Sit in quiet. Spend time to see your dreams in vivid detail. Take your time to develop a crystal clear vision of where you intend to be in order to step toward that dream life today, tomorrow and 3 years down the road. Seeing ahead becomes easy if you visualize the path in front of you.

Be Practical

Be practical to work with what you have right now.

Practically-speaking, I have a laptop, WordPress and generator for manual, temporary power. I use each to write a high volume of helpful content. I will publish this helpful content via a high volume of guest posts over days. I will hit the ground running the moment I have internet access because I am a practical blogger.

Use what you have now for a brighter, better, more successful blogging tomorrow. Stop complaining about having no blogging connections now. Be generous. Build connections. Have more blogging connections tomorrow. Look beyond today to a bright, beautiful blogging tomorrow by practically using tools you have access to now for a successful blogging future.

Be Patient

I could flip out, complain and act powerless if I was impatient. But how can I see tomorrow if I am impatient today?

Being patient allows me to see long term. I live largely in the moment but also see years into the future. I understand how the secret of life is patience. Patient bloggers see blogging as a long marathon, not a short sprint. Who cares if the internet is out until Tuesday, for the next 4 days? We leave this location Tuesday. If this is the case I may have 28 or more guest posts to publish on Tuesday when we reach our next destination.

Being patient gets you into the marathon frame of mind for a long haul blogging campaign. No one succeeds overnight. But pro bloggers do succeed after blogging generously for a long time. See tomorrow through your patience. See beyond today by being a patient, mindful blogger.


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