Do You Follow the Blogging Herd?

Do You Follow the Blogging Herd? 2
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Why expect to be successful if you follow the blogging herd?

No blogger succeeds by doing what most bloggers do. Most bloggers fail. Following failure accelerates your failure. Copying failing bloggers guarantees you fail, too. The herd struggles. Following their lead by doing what they do with a similar energy positions you to fail, too. Wise people profess; think long and hard if you find yourself on the side of the majority. Being on the side of the masses reveals you think, feel and act like the masses. Take a look around. Does this sound like a good idea? Does this make sense? Most people struggle. Most humans suffer. Most people feel bound. Most folks do what they do not enjoy doing in order to get a paycheck to cover their core survival needs. Doing as they do brings results that these folks harvest. Not a good move.

Look at Yourself

Look at yourself in the light of truth. Everything begins the moment you look squarely in the mirror. Who do you hang out with? Do you follow the blogging herd? Or do you walk off on your own? Look closely at your blogging circles. Note if most bloggers seem to complain, whine about obstacles and slam into resistance regularly. Be careful if bloggers in your network largely spam or try to get over on folks. Each signals a group of bloggers in the herd and following the herd. None of these folks help you in getting ahead because all of these folks appear to hold you back.

Look at yourself truthfully. Own how you may be hanging with the herd, following, thinking, feeling and acting like most bloggers do. One changes by noting one needs to change. Everything begins by being honest with yourself, even if doing so stings your ego.

Sharpen Your Mindset

Sharpen your mindset. Spend time strengthening your mental muscle. Herd-influenced bloggers generally sport weak minds, dull as a stick of butter, soft, mushy and prone to becoming rancid. Herd-minded bloggers follow everyone else because being weak-minded means you let other bloggers do your thinking for you. Following the herd feels safe, comfortable and secure but inevitable failure follows until you sharpen your mindset.

Set aside time for meditating. Do yoga. Exercise. Spend time in quiet. All highly successful bloggers think, feel and act differently from most other bloggers. Otherwise, these pros would never be successful in the first place. Be sharp. Think, feel and act abundantly. Put in time to develop a strong mindset. See opportunities where the herd fears loss. See possibilities where the herd sees obstacles. All depends on your willingness to sharpen your mental muscle.

Make a Clean Break

I made a clean break from any bloggers positioned solely in the blogging herd. I had no other choice. I let go who appeared to hold me back but in truth, I held myself back by attaching to individuals blogging from the herd mentality. I recall a few herd-oriented bloggers who warned me of making massive blogging mistakes because I differed from the herd in these regards. I literally never spoke to these readers and bloggers again, making a clean break to leave them behind for good.

Blogging challenges every blogger but breaking from the herd dissolves challenges partially, letting go a heavy anchor and dropping a leaden weight, accelerating your blogging growth.


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