1 Thing to Keep in Mind for ESL Bloggers

1 Thing to Keep in Mind for ESL Bloggers 2
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ESL bloggers – English as a Second Language – should keep one thing in mind.

English-speaking people understand your blog posts if you practice writing daily.

Point blank; practicing your writing gives you skills, exposure and credibility enough to become credible, trustworthy and easy to understand. Do not worry about perfecting your English grammar. Stop getting lost in all sweet writing details. Forget about trying to write the perfect post, in English. I prove; blogging is about helping readers more than crafting perfect, grammatically-correct, stunning blog posts. ESL bloggers often wait on the cyber sidelines for fear of not being understood. Why wait on the sidelines if you have something clear, helpful and valuable to share? Do you worry about being rough around the writing edges? Why? Only critics assail bloggers rough around the edges. Who cares about these folks anyway?

Give all of your attention and energy to blogging fans. Give none of your attention and energy to blogging critics. Blogging fans understand bloggers who practice writing on the regular. Make no mistake about it; you better practice to be easily understood. But if you practice diligently you will be easily understood by readers who vibe with your work. Relax. Who cares about your little mis-steps? Readers do not need flawless writers. Readers want their problems solved in simple, easy to understand, English.

Note my writing style. Observe how I write like I speak. I write in simple, plain English to be understood by my readers. I do not alienate readers by trying to write above their level of understanding. I never write down to my readers. I never dumb down my content to appeal to more readers. I simply practice my writing to write simply. I write daily to get clear and confident. Being clear and confident influences me to publish simple, easy to understand content for my readers. Ditto for you; especially ESL bloggers out there, who fear native English speakers skewering your work.

I could care less if ESL bloggers write like cave men; as long as I understand you, I get your drift, dig your style and happily share your content. Challenges arise if you do not adopt the same mentality because feeling self-conscious about your writing keeps you on the blogging sidelines as an ESL blogger. Bloggers who speak English as a second language sometimes fear their writing is not good enough. Clinging to this fear leads to struggles because you self-sabotage regularly, hiding away from blogging and guest posting for fear of not being a skilled enough writer to place posts successfully. Again; if you practice writing daily for months, readers largely understand what you have to say. Write! Publish posts! Ship!

We want to hear what you have to offer. We understand you. But you better publish content regularly to connect with readers, to amplify your success and to overcome the fear of criticism. Everything changes if you overcome your fear of being criticized. Everything changes the moment you know; we understand you, even if you make some errors in the grammar department, here and there.

Write. Publish. Rinse, wash and repeat. ESL bloggers – like all bloggers – need critical writing experience in public settings to overcome the fear of critics picking apart their work. Publish blog posts. Open yourself up to critics who point out your grammar errors. Learn how to be comfortable with being criticized. Let go the fear of criticism. Readers hear you. Readers understand you. Proceed to publish a high volume of helpful content to accelerate your blogging success. Stop hiding. Be seen. Grow your blogging business by being a confident, clear, prolific blogger who becomes another trusted blogging leader.


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