Pro Blogging Tip: Seeking More Is Not Always Better

Pro Blogging Tip: Seeking More Is Not Always Better 2
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13 bloggers responded to my guest post offer within a day. 13 respected bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs. I feel humbled by their generosity. But I will continue to write and publish guest posts for Sazzadul and a select few bloggers who believed in me, who offered me guest posting opportunities, who gave me the keys to their blog and who have bought into me 100%, before writing and publishing guest posts for these other rocking bloggers.

I learned how seeking, exploring and seizing more opportunities greedily, from a scarcity energy, is not always better. First, take care of blogging buddies and readers who take care of you, to build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign. Give love to bloggers and readers who show you the most love. After serving your biggest fans and best friends, slowly, patiently and deliberately explore opportunities flowing your way outside of your most loyal reader and blogging buddy network.

I already wrote and submitted 3 guest posts from the list of 13 bloggers who invited me to guest post on their blogs. But I will write and publish 3 guest posts today for bloggers who gave me publishing rights, no matter what, back-burnering the new invites until I take care of my rock solid guest posting opportunities.

I love and appreciate anyone who invites me to guest post on their blogs but take care of my most loyal blogging buddies and blogging readers first. Showing the most love to people who show you endless love allows your blogging business to grow. Progressively inch out of your loyal network to serve other bloggers. In truth, virtually all bloggers who invited me to guest post on their blogs are in my most loyal blogger buddy network. I will simply keep my daily blogging routine as it is, publishing for the three bloggers who gave me publishing rights, then will slowly but steadily take care of my other loyal blogging buddies one day at a time.

Old school me would greedily, desperately try to gobble up all 13 opportunities today because I took my most loyal blogging buddy network for granted. Fear in my mind scared me to seek more opportunities, more guest posts, more promotion and more new connections because fear scares you into ignoring what you already have, being in a mad dash to get more, more and more. Facing, feeling and releasing this scarcity fear:

  • made me appreciate people who deeply appreciated me
  • allowed me to show the most love to bloggers who showed the most love to me
  • allowed me to expand my presence because whomever and whatever you appreciate, appreciates

Stop being on a mad dash to more. Build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign by caring deeply for what you have. Appreciate your loyal blogging friends. Take a deep breath. Realize what you already have and who you already have in your court. Simply being mindful for a few moments reveals you have far more than you realize. Embody this appreciative state of mind to build a stronger foundation for your blogging campaign.

Take great care of your:

  • customers
  • clients
  • readers
  • brand advocates
  • loyal fans
  • closest blogging buddies

Keep going back to where you are most loved. Treasure your most loyal readers. Answer their questions. Appreciate their love. Engage your readers. Appreciate what and who expands your blogging success. Following this simple rule allows more success to flow to you through powerful referral marketing. Happy customers, clients and readers refer you to like-minded future customers, clients and readers, increasing your blogging business. But everything begins the more you deeply appreciate and care for readers who love your blog versus taking these folks for granted in a mad dash toward trying to get more traffic and business through new opportunities.

I have doubled down on this clarity-finding strategy recently. Versus publishing more content via blog posts and guest posts I slowly but surely update old blog posts and guest posts. Adding a few hundred – or thousand – words and linking to authority blogs like Bloggers Desire and Donna Merrill Tribe gives posts a boost and offers you valued blogging resources to follow. Ayush and Donna are really good at what they do. Give them a follow, learn from these leaders and embody the abundant mindset that less is more in many cases.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Tip: Seeking More Is Not Always Better”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    First I would like to thank you for the mention. It is greatly appreciated. I post once a week because there are so many other aspects to my business, that’s all I can handle. For me, Blogging is easy. Heck, I’ve been at it for 10 years or so. But more importantly, I do keep my client’s first in line every day. Do some blog hopping, and check in on social media. Then the rest of the day I’m at the beach!

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