12 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins For WooCommerce

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins
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Cart Abandonment has been a menace to WooCommerce stores for quite some time with an average rate of 67.91%.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, which is Cart Recovery plugins. These plugins can help you recover your abandoned carts and convert them into sales.

An interesting aspect of these plugins is that they are automated. You can concentrate on running your store while these plugins will take care of your abandoned carts.

But the problem is finding the right plugin from the WooCommerce inventory. That’s why we crafted this blog to list out the best Abandoned cart recovery plugins that can help you recover abandoned carts.

1. Retainful

Retainful is one of the prominent Cart recovery plugins used by a plethora of WooCommerce stores. It is automated and has its very own Abandoned Cart recovery email templates for making the campaign easier.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins retainful
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Retainful can automatically track, capture abandoned carts in real-time and it will start sending Cart recovery emails at specified time intervals to persuade the customer until he/she returns to the store and recovers the cart.

A unique link included in these emails will help customers recover their cart in a single click. Customize your cart recovery emails as per your preference using Drag & Drop email editor.

Also, Retainful’s insightful dashboard furnishes every data you need in real-time. Abandoned cart revenue, total abandoned and recovered carts along with the customer’s email can be monitored in the dashboard.

But what makes Retainful uniques is the premium features, Countdown timer, Add to cart popup, and Exit intent popup. You can use these features to stop a customer from abandoning their cart. 

You can also drive repeated sales and acquire new customers using the Next order coupons and Referrals feature of Retainful.


  • Automatically capture and send Cart recovery emails.
  • Recover abandoned carts in a single click.
  • Create unlimited Cart recovery email templates.
  • Track your performance in real-time.
  • Personalize the emails using Shortcodes.
  • Easy Drag & Drop email editor.
  • Create FOMO using a Countdown timer.
  • Capture customer’s email using Add to cart popup.
  • Prevent cart abandonment using Exit intent popup
  • Offer Next order coupons to drive repeated sales.
  • Acquire new customers with the Referral program.
  • Integrate with multiple ESPs effortlessly.


Starter – $15/month

Growth – $39/month

Professional – $159/month

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2. Abandoned Cart lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Care lite for WooCommerce is a free plugin that can help you recover your abandoned carts by sending Cart recovery emails to your customers.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins tyche
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This plugin is automated, which means once a customer has abandoned his cart, this plugin will start sending email reminders automatically at a specified time intervals until the customer returns and recovers his cart.

This plugin is capable of recovering at least 30% of lost sales. It is also capable of capturing both the member and guest carts after they abandon it and it includes a link that helps the customer to recover their cart in a single click.

You can easily customize your email templates using a powerful HTML Rich text editor and you can also add custom variables to personalize your emails.


  • Customers can recover their cart with a single click.
  • Guest cart abandonment can be tracked and recovered.
  • Track abandoned carts & recovered carts data in admin.
  • Get notification when a cart is recovered.
  • Create unlimited email templates.
  • Add custom variables for personalization.
  • Create email templates with simple HTML.
  • Specify time-span for Follow up emails.
  • Theme is GDPR ready.
  • Both Free and Premium versions are available.



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3. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart

YITH has its very own Cart recovery plugin that helps you to recover abandoned carts by sending personalized offers through emails.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins
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Using YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart you can recover as much as carts abandoned by the customers by sending them Cart recovery emails with coupons to motivate the customers to return to your store.

You can pre-define the number of emails you want to send and also specify the time intervals for those emails. Once your campaign is live, the emails will be sent automatically to the customers who abandoned their carts.

With this plugin, you can recover up to 60% of carts and all it takes is just one click for the customers. You can send countless emails using pre-built email templates and track its performance in real-time through an insightful dashboard.


  • Customer segmentation based on interests, user roles, purchases, etc.
  • Guests can also recover their cart.
  • Receive notification after a cart is recovered.
  • Customize your email templates.
  • Language translation support.
  • Create various email types for users.
  • Add coupons in emails to entice customers.
  • WooCommerce multi-currency support.
  • Real-time reports on abandoned & recovered carts, emails, etc.


  • Free version available
  • Single Site – $79.99
  • Six Sites – $249.99
  • 30 Sites – $499.99

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4. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery 

If you are looking to put an end to your Cart abandonment issues and increase your revenue then WooCommerce Cart abandonment Recovery might be the right plugin for you.

12 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins For WooCommerce 1
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What makes this plugin special is that it captures customer’s email addresses and waits for 15 minutes for customers to complete a purchase. If there is no purchase, the plugin will automatically start sending email reminders requesting the customer to recover his cart.

Along with the cart recovery emails you can also send discount coupons to entice the customer to visit your store and recover his cart. You can remind them to complete their purchase and request feedback, etc.

It has pre-built email templates that can be customized as per your preference and you can also add discount coupons in your emails to encourage the customers to make the purchase decision.


  • You can send a unique checkout link to your customers.
  • The plugin is GDPR compliant.
  • Pre-built templates to send Follow up emails.
  • Integrate with marketing automation tools.
  • You can create and send limited-time discount coupons.
  • Send emails and coupons automatically.
  • Get detailed reports of your campaign performance.
  • Increase your click-through rates with personalized emails.


  • Single Site – $199/yr
  • 30 Sites – $299/yr
  • 30 Sites Lifetime – $999/yr

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5. HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot for WooCommerce is an email marketing plugin that can help you manage cart abandonment with the help of a simple Add-On.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins hubspot
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HubSpot is an all-in-one solution for CRM where you can connect your store with HubSpot and manage all your cart abandonment campaigns.

What makes HubSpot special is how easy it makes you to sync your WooCommerce store with HubSpot and manage all your customer orders. Segment and track your customers based on the actions they take and automate your follow-up emails to increase your sales.

This plugin will give you an entire list of customers who have abandoned their carts and then you can send Cart recovery emails to remind them to checkout. 

It has a Drag & Drop email builder that allows you to customize your emails and personalize them based on your customer’s previous WooCommerce purchases. You can easily track and measure your campaign using built-in analytics and plan your improvements accordingly.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • All in one CRM with cart abandonment features.
  • Built-in analytics to measure marketing efforts.
  • Easily build responsive emails.
  • Easy Drag & Drop email builder.
  • 20+ pre-designed email templates.
  • Email list segmentation.
  • Track your email campaign ROI easily.
  • Build Social media ad campaigns easily.



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6. Jilt

Jilt is one of the popular and powerful all-in-one email marketing platforms which is also used by stores to recover their abandoned carts.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins Jilt
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Instead of just sending a basic three-email sequence, you can go a bit further using JIlt and personalize your email contents to entice the customers. Jilt also allows you to include a discount coupon in your email to encourage the customers to recover their carts.

You can easily build your emails and customize it using Drag & Drop email builder. Abandoned carts will be tracked in real-time and follow-up emails will be triggered automatically without any manual effort. 


  • Manage multiple WooCommerce stores with a single account.
  • Automatically sync your store data and integrate with Jilt.
  • Track abandoned carts and capture them in real-time.
  • Capture customer’s email addresses before they exit.
  • Run your campaign 24/7 without manual effort.
  • Regenerate abandoned carts in a single click.
  • Create and offer dynamic coupon codes.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Automated lifecycle emails.
  • Drag & Drop email builder.
  • HTML and CSS ready.


Free – Limited Features

Growth –  $29/month

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7. Metrilo

Metrilo is an all-in-one WooCommerce CRM, analytics tool, and marketing automation tool all wrapped in one.

12 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins For WooCommerce 2
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Metrilo has the ability to track and analyze the customers based on the behaviors and actions they take. So when a customer abandons his cart, Metrilo will automatically start sending cart recovery emails in an effort to recover the carts.

Just like any other WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins, this tool also has pre-built cart recovery email templates that you can send to your customers. You can include abandoned products in the email and add a link that sends the customer directly to his cart after he clicks it.

A unique Drag & Drop email editor is available using which you can edit your email templates as per your preference.


  • Track key sales metrics and marketing performance easily.
  • Revenue reports in real-time.
  • Track your sales-funnel effortlessly.
  • Include abandoned products in your email.
  • Send Welcome email series.
  • Pre-built email templates.
  • Drag & Drop email editor.
  • Single-click recovery.


Essential – $119/month

Pro – $199/month

Premium – $299/month

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8. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart recovery

If you own a WordPress store and are looking to recover your abandoned carts then WooCommerce Abandoned cart recovery is the right plugin for you.

12 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins For WooCommerce 3
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Once a customer abandons his cart, this plugin will wait for a certain time specified by the store owner and after that, it’ll start sending cart recovery emails automatically until the customer recovers his cart. You can also send a Facebook message to your customer regarding his cart.

WooCommerce Abandoned cart recovery plugin is capable of collecting information related to the cart including the customer’s email address, cart status, and IP address. This helps the plugin to contact the customer effortlessly. 

You can create unlimited email templates for your campaign and send them to your members and guests too. It also lets you include an offer coupon in your email to entice the customer to recover their cart.


  • Track and capture abandoned carts.
  • View cart status in real-time.
  • Unlimited email templates.
  • Send recovery emails to both members and guests.
  • Admin gets notified when the cart is recovered.
  • Email capture pop-up.
  • Send Facebook messages to customers.
  • Send SMS to customers who abandoned their cart.
  • Use Shortcodes to personalize your messages.


Regular – $49.00

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9. Optimonk

Optimonk is one of the prominent WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugins that can help you to recover your lost sales in your online store.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins optimonk
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The uniqueness of this plugin lies in its retargeting ability. Once a customer abandons his cart this plugin can send email reminders to the customers requesting them to recover his cart.

Optinmonk also offers a few more features like Free shipping and special features to encourage customers to complete their purchase. Optimonk allows you to display popups that can persuade the customers to complete their purchase.


  • You can offer special coupons through emails.
  • Easily integrate with any eCommerce platforms.
  • Popups to personalize the shopping experience.
  • Customize your campaigns
  • Drag & Drop email editor.
  • Integrate with Google analytics.
  • Campaign scheduling.
  • Trigger-based on behaviors.
  • Automate your marketing campaign.


Essential: $29/month or $290/year

Growth: $79/month or $790/year

Premium: $199/month or $1990/year

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10. CartBounty

CartBounty lets you capture a customer’s email address by displaying a popup and then you can send emails to those customers to recover their cart.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins cartbounty
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CartBounty lets you see who abandons his cart and then you can reach out to them through Follow up emails. This plugin will notify you when a customer abandons his cart, you can send a discount through these emails to encourage the customers.

An impressive aspect of this plugin is that once when you uninstall it from your computer, it’ll automatically clean up all the residue data, thus leaving your system clean.


  • Save WooCommerce checkout field data instantly.
  • You can save Ghost carts.
  • Get notified when a customer abandons his cart.
  • Capture cart as soon as the product is added.
  • Enable Exit-intent popups.
  • Add points to each action taken by the customer.
  • Fully compliant with GDPR
  • Set abandoned and recovered cart frequency.
  • Multiple language support.



Pro+ – $135

Agency – $760

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11. CartReports

WooCommerce Cart Reports offers you real-time statistics on your customer’s abandoned shopping carts.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins cart report
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It offers you detailed reports on opened, converted and abandoned carts effortlessly and helps you to manage your store more efficiently. It provides a list view of the carts for you to analyze and you can use filtering options like cart date, cart status & customer to filter the data.

This plugin also allows you to view when the customer was online so that you can effectively time your cart recovery emails.


  • Setting up and handling is easy.
  • Dashboard widgets.
  • Customized data reports.
  • View cart details easily.
  • Filter carts by data, products & status.
  • Send instant recovery emails to customers.
  • Quik insight graph.


Regular – $79/yr

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12. Cart Lift

Cart Lift is a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin that can help you recover 20% of your abandoned cart.

12 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins For WooCommerce 4
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Using this plugin, you can create enticing abandoned cart recovery emails and send them to your customers automatically as soon as they abandon their cart. Cart Lift will help you win back your customers and increase your revenue.

You can build engaging emails using pre-built email templates and send them at specified intervals. This will help you set up your campaign within minutes and the rest will be taken care of by the plugin.

Let’s not forget the analytics that this plugin can provide, it’ll show you the number of abandoned carts, their total worth, recovered carts and the recovered revenue in real-time. Cart Lift also has an Add to cart popup that can collect the customer’s email address for further engagements.


  • Get real-time analytics on your campaign.
  • Track abandoned carts automatically.
  • Get notified when the cart is abandoned.
  • Set time intervals to send emails.
  • Rich text editor to customize your emails.
  • Send coupons/discounts in your emails.
  • You can run unlimited Email campaigns with the pro version.
  • Set expiry date for Abandoned carts.
  • Pop-ups to collect customer emails.
  • Track total emails sent.


Free –  Single site

Basic – $79.99/yr

Advanced – $149.99/yr

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Abandoned carts can cause a serious impact on your sales if they are not recovered. Why take a huge risk by ignoring them when you can recover them easily. That’s why we listed the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins that can help you recover your abandoned carts and increase your revenue instantly.

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