Pro Blogging Tip: Do Not Connect Non-Existent Dots

Pro Blogging Tip: Do Not Connect Non-Existent Dots 2
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Never try to link unlinkable people and opportunities.

Do not connect non-existent dots.

Perhaps you note someone blogs. Good. But just because someone blogs means not the someone wants to join your home based opportunity. No link exists between bloggers and home businesses, per se. Imagine how many assumptions you make to link a person who blogs with your home business.

Did the blogger express genuine interest in your home business before you pitched the individual? Did the blogger express any interest in what you say before you pitched the blogger?

Did the blogger feign any shred of interest in anything you offer? Never assume. Never believe because someone speaks casually to you that someone wants to hear your pitch. Bloggers field pitches every day.

Successful bloggers do, at least. Successful bloggers have fielded all manner of pitches over years. Do not add to their pitch graveyard. Never tag people to grab their attention for your home based opportunity. Someone giving you the gift of their attention for casual chats does not entitle you to grab their attention with your blind business pitch.

Serious bloggers build powerful online real estate by sharing value for years. Toss in networking generously. Creations and connections attract business to bloggers. Top bloggers never connect non-existent dots because top bloggers allow business to come to them versus chasing business from a scared, non posturing energy.

Top bloggers build valuable online real estate to attract business. No top blogger pitches readers to buy their stuff or to join their opportunity. No dot connecting needed. Build posture. Allow success to flow to you.

Let people make their own decisions based on your clarity. Target your blogging campaign. Spend no time pitching and much time helping people generously. Business flows to helpful bloggers who target their campaign. Business flows away from unhelpful bloggers who blindly offer their opportunity to anybody with a pulse.

Never assume mundane, casual, relaxed chats suggest someone wants to join your opportunity. Never believe someone being nice, polite and courteous enough to chat with you suggests that someone wants to join your venture. Social people prove some humans enjoy chatting to build friendships. Assuming anything beyond takes a quantum leap leading to failure at worst or a misguided attempt in most cases.

Rarely, blindly pitching folks based on ignorant assumptions yields customers, clients or team members. But factoring in thousands of wasted energy hours blindly pitching people who showed no interest in you or your business reflects the inefficiency of this strategy back to you.

Awkward Feelings

Do you feel awkward turning down online business partnerships? Buy this eBook to learn how to say “no” to non-matching opportunities. Does it feel uncomfortable to ignore or explain away cold pitches?

You owe no cold pitcher anything because they reached out to you unsolicited. Never feel guilty for turning down someone who did not ask for your permission in the first place.

Study Bloggers with Posture

Observe my friend Alonzo Pichardo. He blogs with posture. He lets his content do what it does and allows success to flow to him. Build up something special to add a passive element to your blogging campaign completely free of pitching. Create. Connect. Let profits flow to you. Never chase prospects because fear scares off prospects through non-targeted, pitching tactics.

Imagine how many bloggers wasted time today assuming a casual chat makes someone pitch-worthy. Posturing bloggers never chase anything. Pros allow business to flow to them based on being generous, creative and social.

Stop assuming. Create and connect generously. Never connect the dots if the dots are not-existent. Customers, clients and team members will connect the dots for you by prospering you based on your clarity, posture, generosity, patience and persistence.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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