How to Build Your Blogging Success Momentum

How to Build Your Blogging Success Momentum 2
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Oh shoot!

I owe you and Sazzadul a guest post! Been busy the past 2 months. After a death in the family, my wife and I sold the home. Prep work, and everything going into it, made for a super duper busy stretch over the past 60 days.

We sold the house last week. Closing looms in about 2 weeks. I have not published a post here in over a week. This feels like a lifetime to me. But I return. Why? I intend to keep building my blogging success momentum daily.

Success momentum is basically the accumulation of blogging success from day to day. Observing increased success inspires you to blog again tomorrow. Seeing greater success tomorrow goads you to blog the next day. Progressively inching out of your comfort zone feels scary but necessary to increase your success momentum.

Blogging success eventually carries its own energy. Picture an old, heavy bike. Put in serious work pedaling for a few minutes. The momentum via the weight of the bike itself carries you without your need to pedal so feverishly. Blogging is similar. Put in the work now. Allow your success momentum, traffic and profits to grow through your blog.

Check out these strategies for increasing your blogging success momentum.

Hold a Freeing Intent

I blog daily because I blog to free me and to free you. Holding a freeing intent nudges me past my fears. Nudging a bit more out of my comfort zone daily builds my blogging success momentum because I am less bound by fears.

Never pick money or fame drivers. Money and fame does not arrive for a while. Losing motivators fast quickly eats into your success momentum. Stop starving yourself of blogging fuel. Blog mainly to have fun and to free yourself. Blog to free your readers. Success – and increased blogging success momentum – is on the way.

Observe Persistent Bloggers

Jan Verhoeff comes to mind. She is super generous, super persistent, and super patient. Observing her from afar inspires me to keep on, keeping on. Persistent bloggers build their success momentum daily. Soak up their inspiration.

Sponge up their success momentum to find a source of motivation. Pay close attention to successful, persistent bloggers. Doggedly persistent types inspire you to build your blogging success momentum daily, too.

Invest in Resources

My successful blogging mindset eBook – click to buy – goads you to get your mind right, to get your blog straight. Success flows from mind into your actions. Successful actions yield successful results.

Increasing your success momentum gets easier if you invest in resources from successful pros. Nothing feels more energy sapping that struggling. Failing feels demoralizing. But investing money in successful blogging advice inspires you to follow the advice daily. Why? Successful advice from pro bloggers works beautifully over the long haul.

But most pros offer their best advice through premium products and services. Pay up to play up. Invest money to get top notch blogging advice. You will have no issues following the advice diligently, increasing your success momentum daily.

I write and publish 5 or more guest posts daily. Heck yeah, doing so increases my blogging success momentum. But enjoying lunch with one of the top bloggers in the world – and noting his nod to guest posting – gave me faith, clarity and focus in sticking to a prolific guest posting strategy.

Keep At It

Visualize your dreams to keep blogging through ups and downs. Highs and lows greet every blogger. Visionaries see the journey through because these folks see their dreams in vivid detail. You and I keep blogging being fueled by our dreams. Deal with fear by dreaming big dreams.

Dreams eventually devour your deepest fears. From there, your blogging success momentum builds into something overpowering, unstoppable and invincible.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “How to Build Your Blogging Success Momentum”

  1. Even when you can’t blog “every day” if you’re showing up, sharing content, and building relationships, you gain ground. Better yet, share and promote. The more you share and promote others, the more they promote you. You cease to NEED their promotion, and begin to appreciate their interactive sharing and promotion as part of the process of building relationships. God bless… Thanks for the mention and the link!

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