Pro Blogging: Solid But Not Spectacular

Pro Blogging: Solid But Not Spectacular 2
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For the past decade of my life, I intended to do solid things.

I never intended to do spectacular things.

I pretty much published simple, helpful blog posts and guest posts, made friends with bloggers like Sazzadul by being generous and genuine, opened multiple streams of income by creating products and services, and called it a day, doing simple things, blogging most days. That is it. This is what few bloggers understand: becoming a professional blogger is doing simple, basic things for a LONG time versus doing a few spectacular things for a SHORT time.

Most bloggers begin blogging from mainly from an energy of fear. Fear deludes you into setting unrealistic expectations. Fear also makes you desperate and/or greedy. New bloggers tend to want to write a few spectacular, viral posts over a few weeks or months then watch as big money flows in easily. This almost never happens, and rarely, when it does happen, the blogger experiences no lasting success from a viral post. Why? Becoming a professional blogger involves doing solid things for a long time, not doing spectacular things for a short time. Never confuse the two truths. Most bloggers confuse each strategy. Most bloggers fail. A few bloggers understand how going pro involves doing simple things for a long time, follow this path and eventually become professional bloggers.


Why does going pro involve doing simple things for a long time?

Doing simple, basic things for a long time increases your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

to levels to where enough people trust you to:

  • follow your blog
  • buy your products and eBooks
  • hire you
  • endorse you

consistently enough for you to generate a full time, professional blogging income.

No human being can become skilled, credible and seen enough to go pro with 100 or 200 or 300 hours of blogging practice. Impossible. 300 hours of blogging indicates you’re just getting started, you blogging baby, you! You are still a newbie.

Imagine if began blogging 1 month ago. Picture blogging-working for 10 hour days, totaling 300 hours of blogging experience at month’s end. Imagine if you became clear enough to write ONE spectacular, viral blog post generating a dizzying amount of traffic. What happens next? 10,000, or 50,000 or 100,000 human beings visit your blog to read the post. Some people will like the content but since you have ONLY 300 HOURS OF BLOGGING EXPERIENCE/PRACTICE, the content will not be high quality content. Bloggers with 1,000 to 5,000 to 10,000 hours of experience publish high quality, authority content.

Even worse? When readers look around your blog to scan for valuable, beneficial posts, they see none. Why? All other posts are thin, weak and void of value because you have no skills yet. Even worse? After Googling your name, no results pop up because you have no exposure and zero credibility. What do 99.99% of readers do? Exit your viral post and never return because people trusted established commodities, not “1 Hit Wonders”. Who cares if 100,000 visitors stop by to see your viral post if virtually all of them vanish forever? Do you see why “1 Hit Wonders” fail in entertainment, blogging and in life? Long term success demands you pay long term dues. Short term success is fleeting, illusory, and goes in and out like the tide.

However, bloggers who write simple, helpful posts for 10,000 hours gain so much in terms of:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

that they become trusted, authority, professional bloggers who achieve lasting success. Little of what I do is spectacular, but I always show up to help people, for a LONG time. Being generous, doing simple things and persisting allowed me to outshine most other bloggers because most bloggers are stingy, try to do spectacular things in a short period of time, and quit. As they vanish, I shine more brightly. It is simple to see but quite uncomfortable to put into action because doing simple things for a long time forces you to:

  • face your fears
  • feel your pain
  • see the journey through
  • develop your emotional intelligence

But the pay off of a fun, freeing, pro blogging career is worth feeling your fears.


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