How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity Intelligently

How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity Intelligently 2
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Do you desperately seek the mythical 25th hour for your blogging campaign?

You have a blogging productivity problem.

Maximizing your blogging productivity needs to be near the top of your small business owner skills list. How you use time dictates whether you succeed or fail with your venture, and it matters not if you work hard and long for years. Productive bloggers succeed. Everyone else fails and usually quits. Successful bloggers use time effectively.

Struggling bloggers owners usually do a poor job in the productivity department because business failure tends to link to a lack of production throughout their entire campaign.

Think of the concept behind productivity: producing something. What do you produce for blogging customers? Ask. Wait for clear answers.

Ask Questions to ID Problems

Get real and raw with yourself. Ask questions identifying potential issues with productivity. Spot issues by probing your blogging campaign and its overall effectiveness.

How do you factor being productive into your blogging day? Have you ever purchased a productivity eBook or course from a genuine pro? Asking questions allows the creative process to flow because most people need to ask questions of self before addressing pressing problems. Ask. Wait. Allow answers to appear. Proceed in a productive direction.

Track Your Blogging Performance

Measure metrics.

Even if your ego ensures you are doing a good job, the business bottom line may offer you a wake up call, being grounded in raw, hard numbers.

Metrics to Track

  • monthly blogging sales
  • monthly blogging profits

That pretty much sums it up. Perhaps you can go a bit deeper but the bottom line involves sales and profits. Of course, give yourself time to build up numbers from zero. Be realistic. But do assess some numbers to see how you can be more productive.

Find out key business metrics in your blogging niche. Assess how you appear to be progressing. Tweak when and where necessary.

Work from the Clock

Work off of a clock to become a highly productive blogger. I never rush or hurry thing but I do a fair job working from the block to stay on task, to publish content frequently and to kill the habit of dilly-dallying around. Folks claim work expands to fill the time allotted for it. Giving yourself a long time to complete one task ensures you spend a long time completing the task. But giving yourself a shorter time to get the job done guarantees you get the job done in lesser time.

Note; do not rush or force things by being unrealistic. Force negates. Trying to devote too little time to writing and publishing a blog post leads to stress, a poor job done and a reduction in productivity. Be realistic, not deluded, to be productive and to enjoy the ride.

Trim Blogging Fat

Let go non-productive blogging tasks immediately to boost your productivity.

Every blogger clings to at least one or two non-productive practices at some point during their entrepreneurial careers.

Be comfortable with emotions arising during blogging fat trimming sessions. Everybody loves old routines and often falls deep into their comfort zones, sacrificing productivity for comfort and familiar strategies. Chop blogging fat. Get rid of what does not serve you to make room for blogging activities critical to your success and productivity.


Do you have a tough time trying to increase your blogging exposure? Being productive often involves leveraging your presence effectively through tactics like guest posting and genuine blog commenting. I wrote an eBook to help you be in many places at once.

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