Pro Blogging: Get Comfortable with Repetition

Pro Blogging: Get Comfortable with Repetition 2
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Being a professional blogger is doing the same things for a long time.

Pros do these simple things generously, patiently and persistently. None of the activities are ground-breaking. None blow your doors off. None knock your socks off. But the cumulative total of each action leads to stunning blogging success over the long haul. One only experiences professional blogging success by getting comfortable with the concept of repetition.

Observe this guest post. I have written and published over 200 plus guest posts on Blog CD. Repetition. Spot a blogging problem. Solve the blogging problem through a guest post. Publish the guest post. Simple. None of the guest posts seem spectacular. I will not dominate Google with any of these guesties. But I used the concept of repetition to write and publish a guest post daily for a long time. Repeating the same act feels boring in moments, agitating in other moments. Plus you squeeze blogging work in like an oversized foot into a small shoe, via shoehorn, as your schedule seems to become busier.

I am flying to my relatives in a few hours. I have a tiny bit of time to write and publish this guest post. I woke earlier than normal, meditated, did yoga and wrote and publish this guest post because I honor the concept of repetition. Being repetitive – in nature, not style – feels uncomfortable in moments because doing something daily for years unearths fears in your mind. Bloggers fear running out of blog post ideas, publishing low quality work, being criticized, failing and flat out wasting their time. I feared publishing a high volume of helpful content for quite a bit because I feared wasting my time. Edging through the fear because I loved freedom – and conquering fears – moved me forward. I only honored the concept of repetition because I learned from seasoned pros how blogging is doing simple things generously for quite a long time.

Do something simple. Write and publish a blog post solving reader problems. Rinse, wash and repeat. Do the same thing. Repeat the process. Write another simple blog post to solve reader problems. Pro blogging does not seem this way but appearances deceive amateur bloggers. The world – and blogging – is not what it seems to be. Amateur bloggers think pro blogging is about publishing viral posts, dominating Google, building massive email lists, doing a little bit of spectacular work and counting big bucks and big traffic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pro blogging is doing a lot of simple work versus doing a little bit of spectacular work. Doing a lot of simple work involves the concept of repetition, or doing simple things again and again to help people and to slowly but steadily increase your blogging success. Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but becomes easier if you master the concept of repetition. However, if you fight the idea of repetition, you are blogging toast. Failure finds you. Struggles find you. Misery finds you.

Bloggers complain about having to do the same, boring things over and over, reject the idea of repetition, struggle and fail. Bloggers claim to suffer from writer’s block, fall frustrated and quit blogging for a few days or weeks, rejecting the idea of repetition. Rejecting the idea of repetition promotes your blogging failure. Embracing the idea of repetition accelerates your blogging success.

Do simple things again and again, repeating the process. Becoming a professional blogger is no sexy process. But if you keep things simple, and generously help people for a long time, you position yourself to become a professional blogger.


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