Do You Understand Why Most Bloggers Misunderstand the Idea of Blogging Sacrifice?

Do You Understand Why Most Bloggers Misunderstand the Idea of Blogging Sacrifice? 2
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Right now, would I rather work a job to be comfortable, but give up many of my worldly freedoms, or would I rather build a business online from an uncomfortable vibe (sometimes) but have ALL of my worldly freedoms? 100% of humanity would prefer to keep ALL of their worldly freedoms. But most humans – and bloggers – misunderstand the idea of blogging sacrifice.

Most bloggers believe sacrificing is giving up something you genuinely love for something more beneficial to you, as if sacrificing is a punishment, your duty, something helpful but painful and miserable. But this is a complete, utter misunderstanding. Blogging sacrifice is giving up something lame, boring, worn out, comfortable, constricting and imprisoning for something fascinating, fulfilling, fresh, uncomfortable, freeing and liberating. Sacrificing is not a burden but a liberator! But most people deeply fear losing what imprisons them but what feels comfortable and familiar, their fear of a jailing loss blinding their vision from seeing the fun, freedom and complete liberation awaiting the individual.

12 years ago, I gave up working a job to get a paycheck, along with my cable TV. I sacrificed comfort, imprisonment, being bound and feeling confined for discomfort, freedom, fun, liberation and peace of mind. Does that sound like the traditional definition of sacrifice to you? I gave up hell for heaven! DUH! But living in heaven proves to be highly uncomfortable sometimes because you take complete responsibility for your life, for your thoughts, for your feelings, for your actions and for your results. Few humans desire to own it all. Blaming feels easier; shifting responsibility feels comfortable but doing so also shifts your power to people, places and events.

Would you rather sacrifice hell to get a fun, freeing but sometimes uncomfortable heaven of freedom? Or would you rather cling to hell and be bound because doing so feels comfortable, familiar and allegedly safe, even though you feel miserable in hell? You decide. Pay particularly close attention to your blogging habits, or lack thereof. What comfort do you choose over blogging freedom? Do you choose to watch the ball game over writing and publishing your next blog post? Do you choose to watch Netflix over writing and publishing your next guest post?

Watching the ball game perpetuates your long term hell of working a job you dislike just to pay bills, because you choose 2 hours of temporary comfort and pleasure over spending 2 hours doing something fun, freeing and uncomfortable that paves the way to a lifetime of fun and freedom. Do you REALLY sacrifice anything by giving up 2 hours of comfort and pleasure for 2 hours of freedom and discomfort to set up 50 years of freedom, fun and sometimes, discomfort? Where is the sacrifice? Who sacrifices who gives up hell for heaven? Who sacrifices who gives up prison for freedom?

Of course, your ego will fight you the moment you choose freedom-heaven over fear-hell. Ego hates feeling uncomfortable. Ego tells you to take it easy, to relax, to be comfortable and to accept life and its regular state of imprisonment. Ego seeks comfort, confinement, order and in essence, a total prison because by nature, ego is a box. Ego moans and whines about the hell you give up because ego has no desire to live in fun, freeing, uncomfortable heaven.

Blogging sacrifice is giving up temporary comfort, pleasure, familiarity and prison for discomfort, freedom, fun, liberation and fulfillment, for decades of your life. Does that sound like a sacrifice?


Conquer fear.

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