How Quick Are You to Change Blogging Tactics?

How Quick Are You to Change Blogging Tactics? 2
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Guest blogging for a long time across multiple blogs introduced me to the concept of change. Life is change. Change is life. We know this but notice this truth often if we genuinely dive into life.

Over the past 3 days, 3 blogs where I guest post went offline. The reasons matter not because every blog online goes offline for any number of reasons. Temporary hosting issues, traffic surges and hacking all seem like common reasons but the reasons, or even the blogs being down, matter not. The only thing that mattered to me was being quick to change my blogging tactics. For example, noting the first blog being down 3 days ago influenced me to begin guest posting daily for a blogger I had been guest posting weekly for. The rocking blogger loved my guest posts. Why not write and place more posts on their blog? I did. Being flexible lets you help more readers through ever-expanding channels.

I also began writing and proof-reading guest posts in Google Docs to prepare for placement as the blogs went back online. Why sit there powerless? I simply write, proof-read and when ready, I place and publish my guest posts on these respected blogs. I even published 2 guest posts yesterday on a blog that had been offline for a few days. Why not? Unless bloggers have specific rules against publishing multiple posts daily I simply add to my guest posting total, prepare for volume publishing and place any posts waiting in the queue. Why? I am quick to change blogging tactics in a world of change.

Never be rigid. Bloggers often blog from a stiff, rigid, tense energy, resisting a free flowing, prospering nature. Imagine if after seeing the 3 blogs offline I simply forget about each blog until each blog went back online. Where would I be when each blog went back online? Right where I began, hours or days prior, the moment each blog went offline. Do you see how this rigid mindset makes zero sense in a world of change and flux? Bloggers who do not change with change find themselves prepared to deal with a world that has passed them by. Flexible bloggers prepare themselves to evolve with change; change does not scare, cripple or depress flexible bloggers.

Be true to your values. Be flexible in your approach. I value empowering bloggers to become successful bloggers. My values never change. But my approach changes based on trends and other worldly events, like blogs going offline for a few hours or a few days. For example, when I began blogging in 2008, My Space was popular. I opened a My Space account, shared my blog post links through the site and even drove a little blog traffic through MS. But the My Space trend ended a long time ago. People left the site to join sites like Facebook and Twitter. Being flexible, I stopped using My Space and began using Facebook and Twitter. But I held true to what I valued the entire time, empowering bloggers to become successful bloggers.

Facebook and Twitter are trends bound to change because life is change. Knowing this, I largely pulled back from using each site because I see traditional social media marketing changing through FB and Twitter based on policies and mass user migration from FB and Twitter to other sites. Trends always change because life is change. Be quick to change with trends to accelerate your blogging success. But always remain true to what you value.


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