Do You Need to Analyze Your Blogging Beliefs?

Do You Need to Analyze Your Blogging Beliefs? 2
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For the longest time, I believed that you needed to engage in social media marketing or you could not drive blog traffic. I adopted that blogging belief based on the belief systems of bloggers who taught this idea. Surrounding myself with social media focused bloggers allowed the belief to etch itself deeper into my consciousness. But I analyzed that belief recently. Was the belief true? Social media seems to be taking a big turn over the past few months; especially in my native United States.

What once seemed like a platform for free speech and expression slowly but surely evolves into a platform for sharing a particular narrative. I do not blame social media site owners for emitting a narrative; they own the sites and can do as they please. I simply prefer not to use sites much if site owners do not allow free speech. I care less about politics or news. I do care about social media trends. People are closing down their Facebook and Twitter accounts in record numbers, it seems. More users who choose to keep their accounts as channels of being reached decided not to tweet or share Facebook updates much at all. Each trend reveals driving traffic to your blog through social media becomes less and less effective as a sound marketing strategy because less and less people open accounts on social media.

Spending less time on Facebook and Twitter gave me more time to:

  • read and comment genuinely on blogs from my niche
  • write and publish more guest posts
  • write and publish more blog posts
  • enjoy more time offline

My peace of mind increased the split second I deleted FB, Twitter and Instagram from my phone. My peace of mind expanded even more the moment I vowed to spend only 5-10 minutes on FB and Twitter daily, logging in through my laptop. Mission accomplished.

But I had to ruthlessly analyze, question and let go my blogging belief that social media traffic is the only big-traffic driver for bloggers. I then realized that social media traffic seems to be dwindling. Guys; once more people become aware that social platforms censor people with viewpoints differing from narratives presented by social media site owners – using fear-based excuses in the name of safety, security and other coded words commonly used in conjunction with repressive tactics – of course more people will permanently stop using Twitter and Facebook. But you cannot make these realizations unless you clearly question and dissolve your blogging beliefs in regards to traffic you drive through social media.

What beliefs do you need to analyze? Or, what beliefs do you need to re-analyze, to be more efficient, effective and successful? Bloggers; be flexible. Be open to change. Be willing to let go blogging beliefs no longer serving you. For a long time, I believed I drove the most blog traffic by solely publishing posts through my blog. I re-analyzed that blogging belief to reveal this was not true. Guest posting and blogging on Blogging From Paradise began a joint traffic driving effect most beneficial to me and to you, too. I began a prolific guest blogging campaign from that point forward. I never looked back. Thousands of guest posts later, all seems to keep expanding for me but only because I re-analyzed a blogging belief that, through careful analysis, no longer served me.


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