How Much Time Do You Spend in Quiet?

How Much Time Do You Spend in Quiet? 2
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One aspect of my blogging campaign confuses bloggers.

I spend ample time in quiet.

Bloggers wonder where I find time to publish content at a decent clip. I do not find time. We have 24 hours today; all of us. Time does not need to be found. Time is already there. We choose to spend time how we choose to spend time. Anyone clearly sees this with a few moments of thinking. But one does not think much because usually, most folks get so busy running around in a state of chaos. Feeling chaotic means your mind races ahead from energies of fear, scarcity, poverty and loss. Bloggers who feel loss believe in losing time. Bloggers who lose time need to find time. But time did not go anywhere. Time does not vanish. Time does not disappear. Time is always there for you to use as you choose to use time.

Why do I publish posts frequently, making solid use of my time? I spend hours in quiet daily. I sleep for 8 or more hours. Quiet time. I meditate and do yoga. More quiet time. Even exercise is quiet time when my wife and I hike in nature. Being in quiet lets me refresh myself, recharge my mind and see clearly. Seeing clearly allows me to pluck blog post ideas from the ethers. I also generate ideas for how to be more effective when I spend ample time in quiet. How can you succeed efficiently if panicked every hour of every day? No one acts smart and abundantly being burdened by fear, panic and mental chaos.

Give yourself quiet time. Blog effectively. Blog intelligently. During morning – or evening – meditation sessions I note blog post ideas worming into my mind. During Kriya yoga sessions I spot ideas for videos Nabbing each idea allows me to use blogging time effectively. Creating content ain’t a bad thing. Creating content is the best use of blogging time. Content sells your stuff on your behalf. Think of blog content as a brand advocate, doing work for you in moments you sleep, travel or spend time with the family. I will walk the dog in a few moments. As I walk her, this guest post hurls itself into cyber space, promoting my 120 eBooks, spreading my word, growing my brand, all passively, while I walk a cute dog around the community for 60 minutes.

Why do I generate a decent amount of blog post ideas? I spend ample time in quiet to dissolve fears blocking blog post ideas. Meditating reveals you are awareness attending to thoughts and feelings. Bloggers fear not generating blog post ideas. Writer’s block arises. A human being believes in not being able to access unlimited blog post ideas for some fear in mind. Spending time in quiet dissolves the fear. Dissolving the fear allows in blog post ideas. Pluck the idea. Write the post. Simple. But sitting in quiet sometimes feels scary. Bloggers fear going crazy because people do not seem used to sitting with their racing mind. I still suffer from racing mind when I sit to meditate in quiet. But thoughts pass. Feelings pass. Racing mind passes. As racing mind passes, different ideas enter mind. Blog post ideas begin to knock on your mind’s door. Let ’em in!

I owe much of my blogging career to spending time in silence because being quiet energizes me and stabilizes me for a long term blogging approach. Being in quiet clears mental blocks to blog post ideas or to effective, creative, efficient blog post ideas. I act more swiftly because deep fears do not weigh me down.

Spend time in quiet daily. Become a more successful blogger.


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