Stop Needlessly Judging Your Blogging Work

Stop Needlessly Judging Your Blogging Work 2
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Bloggers waste ample time judging their blogging work.

I catch myself falling into bad judgmental habits in moments. But I quickly snap myself out of destructive, self-judging blogging patterns. Being tough on yourself makes blogging tougher on you. Why make life difficult?

Practice blogging. Improve your skills through simple practice. No need to judge work if your work improves through simple writing practice. I rarely judge my work because my practice gives me clarity. I write enough to adopt this attitude: take it or leave it. Take my content or leave my content. I see no difference. Either way, I need nothing from you. Readers feel free to criticize me, my blog and my eBooks. I am equally free to ignore their judgments because I feel more whole, complete and largely clear on my work.

I write and self-publish eBooks honestly detailing how to achieve a certain end. I base the eBook content on my personal experience. Simple. Genuine. Powerful. Why judge my life experience? Why judge my advice? I know my advice is true because I lived my advice. I experienced how following my advice leads to successful ends. Readers who judge my experience, honest advice and successful ends offer self-judgment because we see the world as we see ourselves. Why bother listening to someone judging themselves? Why judge myself based on their judgment of me? Why judge my blogging work based on their judgment of self? None of these ideas make sense.

But well-meaning bloggers who reject self offer this common advice: you need feedback to succeed.

No, you do not need feedback to succeed. Feedback is judgement. Do you need people to judge you in order to become a professional blogger? Of course you do not need people to judge you, criticize you or offer feedback in order to grow a full time income through blogging. Help people generously. Be genuine. Improve your blogging skills, confidence and clarity through practice. Open multiple income streams. Be generous, patient and persistent. Prosper.

Pay close attention to the professional blogging process. I did not mention needing to receive feedback, criticism or judgment in order to profit. Bloggers lacking self-esteem need feedback because said bloggers do not feel whole and complete enough to succeed without the feedback. Calm, confident, assured bloggers never need judgment, feedback or criticism to succeed because success flows from within, not from without, from the opinions of other human beings.

Stop judging your blogging work. Stop being hyper critical of yourself. Cease picking apart your blog. Being a perfectionist indicates you lack self-love and self-acceptance. Does either trait fuel a professional blogging career? No. Quite to the contrary, both traits delay your pro blogging career. Not feeling good enough fuels too many edits and too much delaying on the sidelines. Calm, clear, confident bloggers practice diligently, rarely judge their work, publish content persistently and eventually succeed. Judgmental bloggers wait on the cyber sidelines, observing this process from the cyber shadows.

Accept yourself. Understand how practicing blogging gives you ample skills to succeed. Put your energy into the blogging process. Put little energy into judging blogging outcomes. Get lost in the process. Blogging outcomes take care of themselves if you get lost in the blogging process of creating and connecting. Cease judging yourself. Practice. Commit to blogging. Practicing diligently gives you confidence and clarity enough to cease judging your blogging work.


Critics seem to hide behind every corner at points of your blogging campaign, attempting to derail you.

Remove self-judgment, then remove judgmental types from your life.

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