Do You Need to Be More Open-Minded?

Do You Need to Be More Open-Minded? 2
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Open-minded bloggers prosper.

Close-minded bloggers struggle.

I intend to be as open-minded as humanly possible. Being open-minded lets me seize and use opportunities to prosper by helping human beings. Sazzadul invited me to guest post on his rocking blog. I gobbled up the opportunity immediately. I also ran with it, publishing 100’s of guest posts so far because I am flexible, open-minded and willing to seize and use opportunities. Being open is key to being successful online. Being closed results in serious failure. Have you closed yourself off in the blogging world, recently? Have you closed yourself to the blogging world?

No blogger succeeds by talking themselves out of situations for growth, expansion and success. I publish at least 3 guest posts daily because I talk myself into helping people freely to increase my skills, exposure and credibility. But I only honor this self-talk because I am open. I used to be closed. I talked myself out of pursuing opportunities for many fears dancing around in my mind. I feared being criticized. I feared being rejected. My fears became confirmed after 3-4 bloggers did reject guest posts I submitted. What could I do? Allow the fear of rejection to roll off of my back, like water off of a duck’s butt. I let go the fear and proceeded to guest post freely on a high number of blogs. I never looked back.

Be open. Being open feels uncomfortable but freeing. Freeing blogging success will find you. But facing fear comes with being free. No one gets one without the other; freedom comes with fear attached to its hip. Be open to new ways of blogging. Perhaps you only drove Google traffic for years. But you feel sick and tired of being enslaved to Google’s algorithms. Open up. Be flexible. See different ways to succeed. Begin guest posting. Begin commenting genuinely on blogs. Begin networking generously. Open new channels through which blogging success flows your way. Never be rigid. Never close yourself off from different ways to succeed. Punishment follows. Change is the only constant. What works today strategy-wise may become irrelevant by tomorrow.

I guest posted for links on multi topic blogs prior to 2014; guilty as charged. I made some coin. But that gig ended when Matt Cutts ended the whole guest posting for backlinks bit. Closed-minded bloggers who made their bread and butter through this strategy complained. Open-minded bloggers like me began writing and self-publishing eBooks, creating courses and I even created a new blog, in Blogging From Paradise.

Be open. Never be rigid. Flexible bloggers seize and use opportunities for growth quite swiftly. Open bloggers spot the moment one doors closes in order to see the next door that opens. I transformed my writing skills from paid guest poster to self-published author quite fast because I spotted the guest posting for links door closing and the self-publishing door opening. Blogging is about finding, using and capitalizing on opportunities to help fellow human beings through your blog. Be open to spot and profit from these opportunities.

Prepare to be uncomfortable. I routinely test the limits through my guest posting campaign. I enjoy guest blogging but leave my comfort zone to publish 3 or more guest posts daily for years. Hey; either I grow through discomfort and openness or I regress in my comfort zone. I prefer being free and uncomfortable versus being bound and comfortable….don’t you agree?

Be open. Be flexible. Accelerate your blogging success.


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