How Do You Write Quality Content?

How Do You Write Quality Content? 2
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Write a gazillion words for practice – and through publishing content – over years.

Write quality content.

Almost all elements of content making it quality are borne of practicing your writing until your fingers fall off. I have written most days since 2008. I did take days off here and there in the beginning. But during one stretch in 2015 I wrote and self-published one 6000 word eBook daily. I also wrote content and even wrote for freelance writing clients during those days. Some days, I wrote 10,000 plus words. I write, write and write some more to develop confidence and to establish clarity. Being a clear, confident writer helps me to publish quality content.

Someone compared me to Seth Godin the other day because the dude said I break all the blogging rules but write enlightening content. Why? I write how I write because I out practice most bloggers in terms of writing. Why do I break rules yet still seem to have a little bit of blogging success? My words mean something. My posts convey a message. I could care less about formatting, bullet points, italics, headers and all that jazz. Who cares? Have you ever read a brilliant post laid out by a skilled, clear, confident writer, then, said to yourself:

“Even though the words presented a clear solution to my problems and even though the blogger can write skillfully, confidently and clearly, I would not call that a quality blog post because the post did not contain headers, bullet point lists, italics and bold writing!”

Who in the Hades thinks like that? Who believes that? Who says that? Ultimately, nobody deeply cares about formatting unless you write a 600 word post in 2 paragraphs. Use at least 4-5 paragraphs for folks to read the post effortlessly on their phones. But do not equate quality posts solely on using specific formatting. You will walk down a road leading to blogging failure because focusing heavily on what does not matter leaves no time and energy to do what DOES matter.

I have read beautifully formatted posts. Headers? Check. Italics and bold fonts? Check. Frequent paragraph usage, bullet point lists and more pictures than an art gallery dot the brilliantly formatted blog posts. In terms of quality, these bloggers learned from formatting pros. Excellent job! But on reading the content-words I immediately see poor grammar. Typo’s litter the post; I mind not 2 or 3, but 10 or more typo’s assault the blog post. Worst of all; the blogger does an absolutely terrible job writing the blog post because what he could have said in 600 words he stretches out to 2000 words. Why? He cannot write skillfully. Bloggers who doubt their writing abilities almost always overcompensate in word count terms. If you cannot write, never practice writing and fear you are a poor writer, the natural reaction is to write MORE WORDS to prove you are enough as a writer.

The above blog post is a terribly quality post because even though it looks pretty, you cannot shine poop. The post appeared to be quality based on the formatting but the writing quality was horrible, difficult to read and flat out a waste of 5 minutes, for most readers.

Write your rear end off to write quality blog posts. I could care less about window dressing; I care about what’s inside the house! Blog post quality is almost 100% determined on the writing quality displayed by the blogger. Bloggers become quality writers by writing 500-1000 words daily in a Word document for practice.

Get going!


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