What if Your Blogging Problem Is Not a Blogging Problem?

What if Your Blogging Problem Is Not a Blogging Problem? 2
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I read a post recently laying out blogging problems.

I came across a blogging problem that is not really a blogging problem. But unfortunately, bloggers clinging to deep fears in mind all agree that it is a blogging problem then try to trip over themselves like fools attempting to correct the blogging problem which is no blogging problem to begin with.

What is the alleged blogging problem: believing quantity beats quality.


Quantity IS quality when you know every word helps someone solve their problems.

I have never seen any blogger go professional by writing one or two viral blog posts. I have only seen bloggers go pro by writing a high volume of quality blog posts published over years, spanning thousands of blogging hours. Confident bloggers know quantity IS quality. Do you understand? Publishing a high volume of helpful content provides immense quality to readers across a wide swath online, all interested in your blogging niche, of course.

Observe me. I publish a high volume of helpful content. I help a huge group of aspiring and pro bloggers with my high volume of helpful content. This large group of bloggers appreciates me for the quality content I share with them through my high quantity, helpful posts. I do OK for myself. I live a kinda neat life. But then you have bloggers with self worth issues who proclaim that only a 3000 word blog post is quality. Said bloggers teach that one 3000 word blog post is worth more than ten, 600 word blog posts. Said bloggers teach the 3000 word post yields higher quality than a high volume of 600 word posts. This is not true because quality is in the eye of the beholder, not in the fears of bloggers publishing the content.

100,000 bloggers around the world right now would deem this 600 word post as being quality because the message alerts them to:

  • stop publishing 3000 word posts because they do not feel good enough or deserving of blogging success
  • stop beating themselves up for publishing a high volume of 600 word posts
  • stop equating blog post quality with word content
  • boost their self-image
  • elevate their self-worth
  • believe in themselves
  • believe in their writing
  • believe in their blog
  • understand that a high volume of short, helpful posts IS a COLLECTIVE quality offering

I bet you never thought of quality that way, eh?

This is quality:

Ryan Biddulph on Blog CD

I wrote and published 194 helpful blog posts tackling goodness knows how many blogging topics, solving hundreds of blogging problems and inspiring a high volume of bloggers to live their dreams. Only an utter idiot would say that 194 helpful blog posts is NOT quality.


Few humans think this way because few humans have a vision. Few bloggers have a vision. Few bloggers see that 100 helpful, 600 word blog posts yields an insane amount of value, far more robust, rich and lasting then a few long form blog posts.

Hey; go with whatever feels good to you. Follow your intuition. Let your fun guide you. Allow your love to lead you. A select few bloggers love publishing a few longer form blog posts. This lot experiences increasing blogging success because following your heart allows you to succeed. But a much larger percentage of bloggers enjoys publishing short, sweet, equally valuable blog posts just as much, on a more frequent basis. Never let the fears of other bloggers invade your mind. Never allow their poor self-esteem and worthiness issues dictate your blogging campaign.

Quality is not in 1 post, but in 10 year’s worth of blog posts, published in quantity, increasing your presence online. The human ego is so limited in mind that it judges blog post quality versus blog POSTS quality. Stop being limited. Develop a vision. Stop making a problem out of something that never was a problem to begin with.


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