Why Blog for Google?

Why Blog for Google? 2
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Bloggers do the bizarre thing of blogging for a THING versus blogging for human beings.

Bloggers make this common mistake daily, in the tens of thousands. I know; bloggers ask me about this thing and how to drive traffic through this thing quite often. Private messages and expert round ups and interviews reveal this thing obsession. ‘Tis an unhealthy obsession at that. Nobody gets ahead blogging for things. Bloggers get ahead by blogging for human beings because humans help you succeed while things are just……lifeless, emotionless things, incapable of feeling or doing anything.

What is the one THING bloggers blog for: Google. Bloggers write 2500 word posts because Google likes 2500 word posts. But have you thought about this? Google is a thing. Google is not a human being. Google is not a sentient being. Google cannot feel pain. Google does not have dreams. Google does not feel pleasure. Google does not blog part time while working full time and raising a family. Google does not blog part time as a busy student, dreaming of circling the globe as a professional blogger. Google cannot do any of these things. Do not blog for Google.

Human beings visit your blog through Google. Blog for the human beings who visit your blog through Google because humans follow your blog, buy your stuff and hire you. Human beings do all the stuff required to help build your business as you generously serve these people. Blog for them. Blog for people. Do not sit down to write a 2500 word blog post because Google likes 2500 word blog posts. Do you know what happens next? You got it; you write a crappy 2500 word blog post because your heart was not into serving other human beings, but your mind desired to please a robot. Google is like a robot. Google is like a cyborg. Why try to make a cyborg happy? The cyborg cannot DO anything or FEEL anything.

Human beings who visit your blog through Google, yeah, these are the folks to write for. Focus on them. Serve them. Listen to their hopes and dreams. Help solve their problems. Be there for humans. Humans help you become a successful blogger.

Nail down all SEO optimizing details if you intend to attract traffic through Google but do not heavily attach to any one detail because attachments kill your creative flow. Imagine me sitting here demanding myself to write a 2500 word blog post because Google demands I do so to rank on page 1 for a keyword. I am not even thinking about how I can serve my readers. I am not even thinking about how I can solve readers problems. I think through the pinhole of trying to write 2500 words. Does trying to write 2500 words help you? Nope. Trying to write 2500 words is…..trying to write 2500 words. You cannot hold two different intents in mind simultaneously.

I prefer to help you with each blog post I write. I pondered the blog post title after observing bloggers trip over themselves trying to please Google; this is a big time blogging problem common in many circles. I shared a solution; write for humans. Or, write for humans who visit your blog through Google. Everything comes down to helping human beings through your blog content. Do that and you will succeed. Writing for things leads to failure because no blogger ever succeeded with an audience of things, like Google. Things cannot buy your stuff, hire you or endorse you. People do that stuff. Focus on serving them. Prosper with your blogging campaign.


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