How Do You Handle a Pro Blogger Who Offers You Feedback?

How Do You Handle a Pro Blogger Who Offers You Feedback? 2
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Pay close attention to how you feel if someone with blogging experience offers you positive feedback.

Do you feel defensive? Do you open up? Pay close attention to successful, compassionate people. Compassionate people have your best interests at heart. Perhaps you will not follow their advice closely but at least be open to what these folks have to say. Feeling defensive, combative or outright obstinate about your blog and concerning feedback alerts you to a lack of clarity, confidence and trust about yourself and your blogging campaign. Be open to these emotions. Feel your feelings. Thank the pro blogger offering feedback; sometimes, these pros see what your ego blind spots block, opening you up to greater blogging success.

Observe your blogging strategy. Imagine someone questioning your strategy from analytical questions of love, care, support and openness. Do you listen to these individuals carefully? Good. Perhaps the caring blogger offers you a few nuggets of wisdom for fine-tuning your blogging campaign. But being closed-minded, combative, arrogant or prideful about your blogging strategy in reaction to pro feedback signals a general lack of clarity, confidence, trust and knowing. Do not fight a pro blogger. Do not debate a pro blogger. Simply be open to their feedback.

Being open to pro blogger feedback does not mean you follow their advice, necessarily. Run all advice through your intuition. Do what works for you. Never blindly trust pro blogger advice because every blogger walks their own path; their wisdom may not match your blogging journey. However, be open-minded, humble and flexible in terms of listening to blogging feedback. Field blogging advice. Listen to ideas lobbed your way. Either agree and follow the advice to augment your blogging campaign. Or mentally disagree with the advice – not verbally or vehemently – to move in a different direction.

Be open but discerning. Pro bloggers sometimes reveal tender inner weaknesses exposing how you can gain confidence and clarity with your blogging campaign. Pay attention to pros who take time out of their busy schedule to offer suggestions to you. At the least, pro bloggers may point you in a more successful, freeing direction. Even if you do not follow their advice you seem to be moving in the right direction for a pro to give their time and energy to you, courtesy of offering you advice.

Feel fear-pain manifest as:

  • defensiveness
  • combativeness
  • embarrassment
  • shame
  • anger
  • the need to be right
  • the feeling of being wrong
  • the feeling of being less than

on receiving feedback from professional bloggers. Each fear-pain needs to go to reach your next stage of blogging growth because no one grows being burdened by heavy fear-pain, creating an anchor holding you back, retarding your growth. Feel uncomfortable emotions promoting closed-mindedness, stubbornness and arrogance. I am open-minded in general but open up even more to experienced pros who have experienced success online.

I routinely speak to seasoned, professional internet marketers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs with 10, 20 or 25 years of online business-building experience. I am a 12 year veteran blogging baby compared to online entrepreneurs with 25 years of experience in the cyber trenches. I humbly remain open to all feedback from these pros because someone with more experience than I may be able to see what I cannot see.

I do not always follow experience from pros because advice needs to fit into my blogging vision. But I am open to their feedback, at least.


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