1 Way too Common Expert Roundup Mistake Bloggers Make

1 Way too Common Expert Roundup Mistake Bloggers Make 2
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Bloggers running expert round ups mean well. Most publish helpful content. Most render valued, beneficial round ups detailing experienced, pro insights from creative pros.

But I see one way too common error plaguing the expert roundup niche. I share this mistake to help expert roundup creators avoid making the error to form stronger bonds with pro bloggers because as we grow our bonds, everyone succeeds. But not growing bonds strongly causes some struggle, some separation and some resistance in the blogging niche. I do not feel annoyed by bloggers who make this error but I do tend to shy away from completing any expert roundup again presented to me by these individuals. Why? The bloggers who make this mistake allow their fear of not publishing blog posts of a certain length to overpower their gratitude.

Let me give you an example…..

Expert Roundup Error

Imagine if a blogger reaches out to me begging me to publish my thoughts in their expert roundup. I get this sometimes 🙂 A rocking blogger asks me to please, please please publish my thoughts on some expert roundup topic. Usually, the blogger sends 1 or 2 follow up messages if I do not reply within a few minutes or a few hours. I am happy to help! But I am busy. The blogger even says most of the time that they know I am busy, in their message to me.


But being busy, I only have enough time out of my busy schedule to write 50-100 words, tops. I only have 1-2 minutes to respond to expert roundups because I spend hours daily blogging, meditating, doing yoga and enjoying my travels. After I write and send my answer, some bloggers tell me:

“Your answer is too short. Please write more words.”

Wait a second….didn’t you just tell me you know I am busy? If you know I am busy, you know I have little time to write a reply. If you know I have little time to write a reply, you know I only have enough time to write a short answer. If you know I only have enough time to write a short answer, why do you ask me to write a longer answer?

Fear makes you do silly stuff, like trading your gratitude for demanding ways. Most bloggers are:

  • grateful
  • appreciative
  • thankful
  • happy

that I took 1-2 minutes out of my busy schedule to answer their expert round up question because most bloggers understand how tens of thousands of bloggers, brokers and all types of folks have pitched me during my blogging career. I am not important. I am humble. But I am a busy, helpful guy who spends many hours daily helping many people so I can only spend 1-2 minutes helping you through your expert round up. I spend 20 minutes writing guest posts and blog posts. I spend a few minutes recording and publishing videos. I publish many guest posts and videos daily.

I am all about being generous but I only build relationships with humans who feel grateful to receive the value I publish for them, whether a 50 word expert roundup reply or a 600 word guest post. If someone does not express gratitude, I completely ignore any future requests the individual makes because having a sense of entitlement, taking me and my time for granted, and allowing your fear of some imaginary low word count to dissolve our budding friendship is a common blogging mistake that corrupts some blogger expert roundup campaigns.

Trade your sense of entitlement for appreciation. Appreciate getting 2 minutes of my time versus believing you are entitled to 5-10 minutes of my time.

Bond with pro bloggers.

Accelerate your success.


How can you do blogger outreach the right way?

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