Do You Need a Sharper Blogging Focus?

Do You Need a Sharper Blogging Focus? 2
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Blogging is always simple. But blogging sometimes feels uncomfortable. No one walks this blogging journey solely from a comfortable, relaxed, detached energy because humans face fears to become more successful, freer and more liberated. One such fear is the terror of releasing all niches to focus on one niche.

I recall the feeling well. I wanted to do a bunch of things to appeal to a bunch of folks in order to drive a bunch of blogging traffic. Alas, I eventually learned how the blogging world loves specialists and cares not much for generalists. Trying to cover different niches confuses readers who follow your blog for the single niche interesting these individuals.

Even worse; you fall prey to the ridiculous numbers game. Bloggers believe driving huge traffic numbers to their blogs brings massive blogging success. But the big numbers only matter if the people visiting your blog seem highly interested in what you have to offer. Hyper targeting wins. Employing any other strategy simply fails because focused bloggers mine success while every other blogger fails.

Do you need a sharper blogging focus? Do you need to dial in to better speak to your readers? What one problem can you solve? What one niche can you cover to better help your readers? Simply observe the offline world to get a better idea of how specialists win. Check out doctors, lawyers, or anyone who gives all of their professional attention and energy to doing one thing exceedingly well. Why do doctors, lawyers and other specialists take this route? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. If you give attention and energy to doing one thing you will do that one thing well because in essence, the one thing grows. Give your energy solely to being a doctor to allow your doctor energy to grow.

Logically, this makes sense, too. Imagine being a doctor who gives all study energy then professional energy to being a doctor. Does it not make sense that you would be a skilled, reputable, credible doctor? But imagine the opposite scenario; picture yourself giving some energy to being a doctor, some energy to being a lawyer and some energy to being a screenwriter. Picture trying to pass your medical exam, your bar exam and attempting to write a movie simultaneously. Who does that successfully? No one. Humans have only 24 hours to work with each day. Humans who give a huge chunk of those 24 hours to doing ONE thing outshine humans who try to do two, three or four things.

Who becomes the successful, thriving doctor? The individual who tries to pass the bar exam and write a movie simultaneously? Of course not. The person who gives all attention and energy to passing the bar exam passes the bar exam to become a successful lawyer. The person who gives all attention and energy to writing a movie writes a movie, pitches their script and eventually becomes a successful screenwriter. Specialists win. Generalists fail. Hug this basic truth to focus on one blogging niche.

I focus on the blogging tips niche. I generally guest post on blogging tips niche blogs. I speak to my targeted, blogging tips interested readers, all of whom are pro, amateur or aspiring bloggers. Specializing is the secret of online – and life – success. I guest post on blogs boasting “blogging” or “blog” in the domain name. Can you get any more niched? Bloggers owning said blogs also tend to blog about blogging tips quite a bit.

Specialize. Be a specialist to develop expertise in a single niche. Gain authority. Earn trust. Focus on one niche to lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


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