Does Your Blogging Cheapness Hold You Back?

Does Your Blogging Cheapness Hold You Back? 2
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“I cannot afford to invest in a domain and hosting.”

“I cannot afford to invest in a blogging course.”

“I have no money to buy a premium theme.”

I have heard each blogging excuse thousands of times over the decade I have been online. Every excuse rooted in being cheap simply results in blogging being cheap with you. Bloggers who say they cannot afford to buy their domain and hosting either go broke or simply make $0 through their blog. Maybe aligned bloggers make a few more bucks but nobody goes full-time without buying their domain and hosting because if you are cheap with blogging, then blogging will be cheap with you. Perfect mirror.

I have invested thousands of dollars in my blog over my decade online. Guess what? I have circled the globe as a professional blogger over the past eight years of my life. How does that sound for a return on investment? Darn good, of course! I had a vision, so the money I invested would multiply and I also knew I would live my dreams so I trusted money invested would bring me a sweet return. Unfortunately, most bloggers do not have the same mindset. Most bloggers have a poverty consciousness focused on loss and scarcity and fear. Bloggers fear losing money on their blog and refuse to spend money because they refuse to face their fears. 100% of the time, these bloggers struggle and fail. Why? All blogging success sits on the other side of fear, well outside of your comfort zone. If you are cheap and fear spending money you stay in your cheap comfort zone and fail horribly with your blog. This is 100% your fault. Own it.

Blogging is a business; any business requires a monetary investment to do it right. Nobody succeeds on free platforms with cheap looking themes. Nobody succeeds trying to piece together blogging resources solely with free blog posts, free podcasts and free videos. Serious aspiring bloggers invest money in their blogging education through courses, eBooks and coaching to learn the right way. You need resources to succeed online and the best resources that accelerate surefire blogging success all cost money. Smart bloggers pay their online tuition by buying eBooks and courses that cut their learning curve 5 or even 10 years. Foolish bloggers complain about not having money, never invest in premium resources and struggle forever. Again, it is their fault because their fear of spending money makes them cheap and their cheapness costs them their blogging career.

Stop being so cheap. Businesses require a monetary investment to scale into something special. I am on a VPS right now. If I still had my cheap, $3 to $7 USD a month, terrible hosting from when I was a new blogger I would probably have 3 people a day visit my blog because my site crashed multiple times daily and load times sometimes reached 30 seconds. If I was cheap my blog would never grow even if I was a skilled writer and super connected because you cannot scale and grow on the cheap. You have to invest more and more money to make more and more money through the concept of scale.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg tried to keep his hosting costs under $10 or even $100 a month when Facebook really began to blow up. Facebook would not be Facebook if the site crashed for tens of thousands of people. He invested serious money into handling serious site traffic for Facebook and everything mushroomed quickly because the servers were able to handle massive volumes of traffic. The more successful you become the more you need to spend time, energy and money to scale effectively. This is how it is. Stop being cheap and start succeeding.


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