Is It Time to Cut Your Losses on a Worn Out Blog?

Is It Time to Cut Your Losses on a Worn Out Blog? 2
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I will never forget the day.

I was in Fiji. Me and my wife had just arrived. Summertime. 2014. I got a message from my old host. I had to remove a few posts or else my blog would not go back online. What? I was faced with an instant decision. Either delete all of the blog posts or my blog would stay offline. I wrestled with the idea for a little bit but chose to delete the entire blog and to move in a new direction. Blogging from Paradise was born and everything moved swiftly from there.


What action did I take that led to increased worldly success with my new blog at the time?

I had to cut my losses on a worn-out blog in order to move forward with a new, fresh, prospering blog. People told me I was a fool to delete the entire blog. Scared bloggers said I should have just deleted a handful of posts to get the blog online because I would be trashing over 3000 blog posts and 5 years of work if I chose to shut down the blog. But these people did not know I viewed the blog as being old and worn out. I was sick and tired of covering that blogging niche. I had been due to move on to a new blog for months or even years. The hosting company forced my hand. Thank goodness for that wonderful stroke of good luck, or just thank goodness that they nudged me to let go what I should have let go years prior.

Is it time to cut your losses on a worn-out blog? Did you lose the fire for blogging in your niche months ago or years ago? Be honest with yourself. Do not lie to yourself. So many bloggers lie to themselves because they hold on to a losing, worn-out blog due to fear. Bloggers fear letting go all the work they put into a blog but the blog is a losing venture so you just keep wasting your time putting effort into something that you outgrew days, months or even years ago.

Bloggers often lose the fire to blog because life is change. My passion changed along the way. I used to cover a different niche. But I tired of covering that blogging niche. During my trip to Kathmandu Nepal, I came across a travel blogger who struggled to make ends meet, at the Indian Embassy. She had made a pretty penny through sponsored posts and advertising revenue but Google changes shifted her income overnight. Sponsored post and ad revenue dried up. She scrambled for any income she could get. After doing a little bit of research I soon learned most travel bloggers blog part-time and work full time to fund their travels because they make so little money through blogging.

Blogging from Paradise was born in that moment because I saw I could help people retire to a life of travel through blogging. But of course, I allowed my fear of letting go my old blog to cloud my vision for a good eight months until my old hosting company forced my hand. I did not actually create Blogging from Paradise in Nepal but in Fiji some eight months after this moment of clarity.

I did cut my losses eventually and never looked back.

I hope you do the same if you are clinging to an old, worn-out blog.


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