Pro Blogging: Working Hard and Long Makes No Difference if You Do the Wrong Things

Pro Blogging: Working Hard and Long Makes No Difference if You Do the Wrong Things 2
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I usually delete my spam folder without peering at a single email subject line. I spend 1 second to click the trash button and never look back.

But today I spent 3 seconds scanning the subject line of the first email in my spam folder. Someone noted enjoying my latest post but had a suggestion for me. I immediately clicked the trash can to delete all spam emails permanently because I have received that specific email 10,000 plus times. Someone with no skills, exposure or credibility compliments you on a blog post but notes either a dead link or alleged low quality link best replaced by their allegedly high quality link to their latest blog post.

Imagine if this blogger spent 15 hour days 7 days a week using such an approach, working hard and long, spamming fellow bloggers. 99.99% of bloggers would never even see their emails because 100% of their emails go to spam and perhaps 0.01% of bloggers actually open or read spam emails. Working hard and long doing the wrong stuff makes no difference because doing the wrong stuff leads to failure 100% of the time. Imagine spending 15,000 hours over 12 years spamming bloggers. 0.01% of human beings open and read your spam emails. Perhaps you make $50, $100 or $1000 at most. Can you be a thriving professional blogger anywhere in the world by making $1000 USD over 12 years of your life? Think about it; making under $100 USD per year at most puts you well below the poverty line anywhere in the world. Try surviving on $8 USD per month.

But imagine doing the right thing for 15000 hours over 12 years of your life. Picture yourself generously creating, connecting and serving bloggers with no expectation of anything in return. Open multiple income streams. Promote yourself freely. Trust yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Be generous. You will go pro because you did the right things with the right energy for a long time. Success is yours because you followed simple, proven steps for years. But if you did the wrong things for years, you would fail terribly no matter how many hours you worked because doing failing stuff leads to failure 100% of the time.

This is why it is important to follow advice only from seasoned, high energy, professional bloggers. Posturing pros teach you to blog the right way so you never blog the wrong way. Seasoned pros keep you on the blogging straight and narrow so you do not wander off course. I committed to following pro advice years ago because I became sick and tired of working like a dawg and putting in crazy hours only to experience struggle. Why work long and hard doing things guaranteeing failure if you can do the right things with the right energy to succeed down the road?

Re-assess your blogging campaign. Pay attention to how you may be doing the wrong things but foolishly believe working harder and longer will somehow bring you success even though you spend all time and energy doing failing things. Think of the spamming example above. Spending 14 hours daily cold pitching pros emails which wind up in spam means wasting 14 hours daily because virtually no one reads their spam emails. You can work like a machine but working hard and long does not FORCE your emails back into inboxes because you are doing the scared, failing thing guaranteeing all of your emails wind up in spam.

Create and connect generously for a long time. Open multiple income streams. Go pro. Blog the right way to succeed.


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