Pro Blogging Tip: Cultivate Compassion

When blogging what are some things to consider
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One of my favorite strategies for being generous, creative and prolific is cultivating compassion.

Too many bloggers think only about themselves before making blogging decisions. Thinking only about how some action benefits you cuts you off from humanity. Most bloggers do not become prolific because the blogging masses only want to increase THEIR traffic and THEIR profits.

But thinking about OTHER bloggers and readers, and how you can help THEM, makes you incredibly prolific. Cultivating compassion is the starting point in thinking outwardly, about others, to tap into creative energy.

I feel quite crappy right now, body-wise. My neck feels stiff. My back feels sore. 11 PM at night and I mainly want to go to sleep. If I only thought about myself and my body pain, I would go to bed. But I cannot write this guest post during my sleep session.

Thinking outward about Sazzadul and you, his loyal readers, energizes me to write the post even if I do not feel great right now. I deeply respect you guys and the rocking blog owner; I admire the determined, enthusiastic bloggers in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and heck, all over that beautiful region of the world. You guys are rocking it out!

The least I can do is to write another guest post for you, explaining how being compassionate helps you to go pro.

Most human beings live in survival mode. Look around. Do you note how most people all over the globe work jobs mainly to get enough money to buy food, secure shelter and pay necessary bills? Focusing solely on your needs and the needs of your family moves you out of a compassionate, generous mindset.

True; thinking about your family’s needs before your own cultivates some compassion. But what about the 7 billion other human beings living on planet earth? Do you think about them regularly? Thinking about 7 billion humans and tens of billions of sentient beings genuinely moves you into a compassionate, generous energy.

Thinking about the well-being of large groups of people immediately makes you:

  • caring
  • loving
  • generous
  • helpful
  • detached
  • trusting
  • knowing how success is your birthright

Again; if I blogged mainly for me, I would be sleeping in bed now. But since I am thinking about helping you guys by sharing my pro blogger experience, I write and publish this guest post. Being compassionate is that powerful because when the needs, wants, struggles, wins, losses, sufferings and victories of other human beings remain on your mind, you automatically become a kind, generous servant who kindly helps other people even if you do not feel close to 100%.

I am no Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa. I enjoy making money for its freeing elements. But I also care little about money because it is just a neutral means of exchange and nothing more. I blog mainly for fun and freedom. Falling in love with the blogging process also stoked my compassionate streak.

I think more about helping you and little about getting anything from you. I want to help. I do promote my eBooks in order to receive money but only because….it is just money. No big deal. I may as well receive money as a pro blogger because I use money to live a worldly life.

Bloggers; be compassionate. Blog for your readers. Aid them. Help them. Feel their pain. Be there for their struggles. Being compassionate allows you to reach new blogging levels of success, freedom and fulfillment.


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