Do You Use Readers and Bloggers or Truly Help People?

Do You Use Readers and Bloggers or Truly Help People? 2
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I recorded this video and shared it:

Do You Use Get Used or Truly Help People?

Sitting with this question to allow answers to unfold may feel uncomfortable as far as blogging applications.

Bloggers often try to use people for personal gains. For example, most bloggers guest post not to primarily offer genuinely valuable content but to use bloggers and their blogs for traffic and profits boosts. Even though most explain how seeking gain is perfectly normal it still does not change the fact that using bloggers for your gain is……using bloggers for your gain.

However, shifting your intent to being truly helpful immediately changes the act. Versus blogging mainly to get traffic and profits you publish something to help a fellow blogger. Shifting this intent accelerates your blogging success because being generous and trusting mirrors generosity and trust back to you through targeted traffic and blogging profits.

Being with the question feels too rough for most bloggers. People hate being honest with themselves. But being honest with self you must in order to become a generous, trusting blogger.

I guest post holding an intent to share as many helpful links as possible through my blogging campaign, for fellow bloggers, for their readers and for our collective good. We all win if one intends to be truly helpful for all. I do not turn down:

  • traffic
  • backlinks
  • profits

but simply accept any worldly success – aka getting – as a natural, organic by-product of being genuinely helpful.

I am not writing this guest post for Sazzadul to squeeze as much traffic as possible through this blog. I write and publish the guest post to be truly helpful for him and his community. Of course, being truly helpful here benefits me because I gain greater exposure before his community. But gaining greater exposure is not the reason why I wrote and published 200 plus guest posts on Blog CD. If I guest blogged mainly to self serve I would have written and published perhaps 1 guest post on Blog CD before moving on to guest blogging for 1000’s of other bloggers.

But I did the opposite; I built bonds with loyal, kind, generous, warm bloggers like Sazzadul by publishing a high volume of helpful content on their blogs. Blogging became easier because I did not try to use anyone but rather chose to be truly helpful for these people. Being helpful increases your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility
  • traffic
  • profits

because helping influences people to help you. Seize and use this basic blogging truth: help people to allow help to flow to you organically.

However, living this blogging truth of sowing and reaping requires one to honestly admit trying to use fellow bloggers and readers for personal gain. One does not live truths by burying trues under lies. Everything is in your mind. Dig deeper into your mind to observe why your blogging experience unfolds as it does.

Be truly helpful. Succeed online. Stop attempting to use people for your benefit. Instead, help people with no expectation of anything in return. Release pitches. Stop asking for favors. Help with an unconditional approach. Observe how your generosity buys you trust, builds blogging friendships and accelerates your blogging success freely.

Free givers reach the top of their blogging niche in a world of bloggers who use readers and bloggers as things to get traffic and profits. Each visit to my email inbox reveals how people intend to use me to get their links on my blog for their greater traffic, profit, exposure and credibility. Being accustomed to this silly attempt at using me and my platform, I check the delete button for all emails by default and pick a few legit emailers who want to help me versus the masses who try to use me and my blog.

I ignore users to disappear these folks from my existence.

All of my blogging attention and energy goes toward folks who are being truly helpful.

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