Do You Maintain a Stable Blogging Energy?

Do You Maintain a Stable Blogging Energy? 2
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How do you vibe? How you vibe determines how you blog. All is mind. All is energy.

The world you appear to see is actually one mind. Or, one energy.

Don’t buy in to the idea of separation. Never get lost in the idea of form.

All hinges on your mindset because the thoughts, feelings and actions you choose determine your blogging results.

Do you engage in a genuine blogger outreach campaign?

How do you blog? Do you blog from fear? Do you blog from love?

Nobody succeeds by blogging from fear. But few genuinely blog from love.

How do you vibe while you blog? Do you maintain a stable blogging energy?

Being level is the way to create and connect generously for a long time. No one wins who runs a blogging sprint. Every successful blogger jogs a blogging marathon for a long time. I have blogged since 2008. Even though I changed blogs in 2014 I have blogged for 14 years. How did I see the blogging journey through? I maintained a largely stable energy to carry me through the ups, downs and all of those energies in between. Maintaining a peaceful vibe is the only way to see this blogging journey through over many years.

Imagine being on a rollercoaster. If you ride high and low your stomach feels quite terrible. Perhaps you will even get sick to your stomach after suffering through all of the twists and turns. But imagine driving down a level road. Enjoying a peaceful, relaxing, calming journey lets you drive for hours upon hours in such a setting. Meanwhile, sane humans can only stomach a rollercoaster ride for a few moments.

Stop trying to force your way through blogging. Stop trying to push your way through blogging. Establish a chill vibe. If you feel relaxed you can and will succeed because you will not stop blogging, no matter what. But if you try to push yourself you fizzle out and fail.

I spend a good deal of time and energy on managing my mindset daily. Being relaxed energizes me for a long haul blogging journey. Bloggers cannot get too high or too low. Bloggers who win persist over years by being chill. Never push it. Do not force things. On the flip side, do not feel deflated or completely burned out due to exhausting yourself. Find the mid-way point to become a patient, persistent blogger who sees the journey through over years.

I felt a bit worn out today. Being level-headed goaded me to take an afternoon nap versus trying to force things. Forcing things makes no sense because burned-out follows. But napping often, resting frequently and simply taking the time to level your energy influences you to see the blogging journey through over 1000’s of hours spanning years of your blogging career.

Be honest about your blogging energy. Do you blog mainly from fear? Struggles mirror fears back to you. Do not blame the struggles on anything, save your own blogging energy. Shift your vibe from fear to love. Feel your fears. Clear these energies. Be present. Move in a more prospering direction. Stabilizing your energy occurs organically but only if you face fears causing your blogging struggles.

Mastering your fears feels highly uncomfortable. But you have no other option if you intend to level your energy. Getting both too high and too low indicates fear dominates your energy. Allowing fear to influence your vibe leads to blogging failure every single time. However, mastering fears gives you a clear thinking perspective. Thinking clearly reveals; your energy dictates it all. Everything is energy. Everything is mindset. Be at peace with this simple but powerful truth. Lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging career.

Keep going within.

Learn how your blogging career follows your inner world. 

Working hard brings no success. Struggling does not make you succeed. Forcing yourself to do things does not bring blogging success. Slaving, straining and striving does not make you succeed.

Each state of mind mentioned above reflects a fear-filled mind back to the world.

Easy, relaxed, playful minds who generously serve readers reflect blogging success back to the mind.

Everything changes when your inner world shifts.


Do you feel overwhelmed by your blogging workload?

Feeling blitzed indicates you need to make an energy shift.

But keeping this idea in mind also helps:

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Blogging Workload?

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