Do You Routinely Blog in a Cyber Cave?

Do You Routinely Blog in a Cyber Cave? 2
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Blogging is a team sport.

Blogging in a cyber cave is the solo act familiar to many suffering blogging souls, the old me included. Scanning 51,000 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise reveals some co-creation courtesy of team-mates on a level, in most cases. Perhaps a handful of links flowed organically from sources completely unaware to me but most seemed borne of partnerships. For example, Sazzadul and I co-create via me guest posting here and both of us promoting the guest posts via engagement on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

We co-create, co-promote and drive traffic to Blog CD to benefit you, me and Sazzadul. Do you see how a blogging team effort benefits all? However, most bloggers blog in a cyber cave of singular making. Peep the average blogger; most write and publish a blog post, promote the post in a few spots and do nothing else blogging-wise. Nothing happens because these individuals blog in a cyber cave.

Imagine sitting in a cave solo some 30 miles from the next human being. Picture yourself being dependent on humans – on some level – for survival needs. Perhaps someone brings you water or food supplies. Unless you leave the cave you will:

  • starve or die of dehydration
  • need to wait quite a bit until the supplier travels the 30 miles to the cave

Imagine a different scenario involving you living in town beside many neighbors and among a few stores. Food, water and caring neighbors give you all you need but you also provide some service through a job or business based on the idea of reciprocity. Life feels good based on people working together for all of our freedom. People working together for freedom is teamwork. Teamwork makes the free work. Working with fellow bloggers makes all of our lives easier. Blogging in a cyber cave makes blogging tougher, more painful and a boatload of suffering.

Think about all bloggers around the world who write, publish and share a post today in a cyber cave, refusing to interact with or help other human beings. I stopped by a Facebook Group for bloggers yesterday. One individual shared his latest blog post via a Group update. He also dropped the blog post via a comment link in response to the prior 5-10 bloggers who shared their blog posts via updates. He appeared to be interacting with fellow humans but since he did not:

  • serve
  • help
  • add value
  • connect through being generous and genuine

he blogged from a cyber cave, in essence, even amid the appearance of 50,000 or more Group members. Crazy, right? Being among a ton of bloggers but blogging in a cyber cave is madness, when you think about it. Stop for a second. Take a deep breath. Relax. Observe how you blog or blogged in a cyber cave for a big. Either in past or present, most bloggers make this common error here and there. Few see beyond the mistake into blogging teamwork. I learned this lesson the hard way; resisting teamwork hurt me big time for years.

Blogging with teamwork in mind allowed me to enjoy blogging, build my friend network and experience greater success through the simple idea of leveraging. I can only do so much work solo. But 20 blogging buddies do 100 times to 1000 times the amount of work I do. What makes sense?

Work with, not solo, to accelerate your blogging success.

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