Do You Blog Outward?

Do You Blog Outward? 2
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Way too many bloggers blog only on their blogs.

Adopting this focus guarantees none blog outward.

Do you blog outward? Blogging outward means blogging wide. Blogging wide means guest posting on blogs from your niche. Consider a Christmas tree. Picture your blog being the main tree, sitting at the center. Everything runs through the trunk, aka, your blog. If bloggers just work the trunk perhaps you experience some success but the trunk travels only up and down, north and south.

However, blogging outward grows branches sprouting from the trunk in side-to-side, east and west directions. Imagine exposure gained by growing side-to-side branches via guest blogging? Peep the guest post I write and publish today; each prior guest post on Blog CD moves away from my Blogging From Paradise trunk. I guest blog frequently through a wide collection of blogs because blogging outward on blogs other than mine helps you and helps me. You get content even though you sit outside of my community. I gain exposure outside of my community.

Guest blog on respected blogs from your niche. Journey out of your home base blogging comfort zone. Bloggers tend to feel comfortable publishing posts in a familiar home setting. Wading into discomfort on other blogs challenges even stout bloggers. New audiences, unfamiliar communities and possible critics lurk in the shadows of your guest blogging campaign. Nudge into these uncertainties. Edge into fear. Begin guest blogging to blog outward.

Gain Exposure

Gain exposure to enjoy the chief benefit of blogging outward.

Guest blogging places you and your blog in front of new readers consistently. Being seen offers traffic and income boosts for you and helpful content for fellow bloggers and their readers. Sazzadul can carry on today without needing to devote time to publishing new content. I covered him. Being truly helpful for him and his readers sits at the front of my mind. He wins. His readers win. Even though I win too I think little of me by blogging outward because one shifts focus on doing this persistently.

Versus dwelling on your blog, business and traffic you consider other blogger’s blogs, business and traffic. Appreciate this shift to understand how to become a prolific guest blogger. Put being truly helpful in your mind. Proceed to become a prolific guest blogger who blogs outward persistently.

Comment to Blog Outward

Blog commenting serves as a way to blog outward.

Imagine your blog being a tree trunk. Picture genuine, personalized blog comments being branches sprouting from your blog tree-trunk. Comments build friendships. Comments add value to posts. Blog comments also open doors to guest post invites. I scored a guest post on Pro Blogger:

How to Level the Blogging Playing Field

after publishing genuine, thorough blog comments persistently from a detached energy. Editors built a relationship with me. I gained an invite to guest post on the respected blog and seized the opportunity to add another outward brand to my blog-tree-trunk.

Imagine the power of adding branches outward to be enhanced by guest posts. But each guest post becomes enhanced with blog comments, too. This is a rich blogging campaign geared toward helpfulness and exposure increases. Think and blog outward to accelerate growth online. Avoid lulling yourself into home blog complacency. Technically, trees can grow indefinitely, like Redwoods, letting your blog-trunk be seen far and wide. But branching outward with guest blogging and genuine blog commenting covers width along with height to expand your blogging campaign exponentially over the long haul.

No one succeeds solo. Branching out requires co-creations among like-minded bloggers. Each branch and co-creation brings the world closer together. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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Ryan Biddulph shares smart blogging tips at Blogging From Paradise.

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