Do You Avoid Messy Blogging Legwork?

Do You Avoid Messy Blogging Legwork? 2
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Blogging is fun and quite freeing.

But the activity also entails messy blogging legwork from time to time in order to lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.

I enjoy writing and publishing this guest post. I also feel a bit uncomfortable in the moment. My neck feels stiff, my back hurts and I plain wish to watch some Netflix or Hulu. But these messy, necessary acts form a rock solid foundation for success today, tomorrow and 10 years down the road. Seeing beyond the moment accelerates your blogging success. Bloggers with a vision overcome temporary discomfort with ease. Everyone else surrenders to heavy feelings.

Few see beyond now, today or tomorrow. Most bloggers want instant gratification. Publish a blog post today. See instant traffic. Reap massive rewards tomorrow. Reality greets these bloggers sooner than later. Overnight success still does not exist. Overnight success never existed but deluded bloggers actually believe some secret, turn-key system for successful blogging remains guarded by top pros. All established pros firmly understand that blogging shortcuts do not exist. Either you begin your blogging business now to form a strong blogging foundation or you look for quick riches. Quick money never arrives; most bloggers quit just as quickly as they expected money to arrive.

Slow down your mind. Even though blogging feels fun mostly, engaging in messy blogging legwork always seems to be part of the job. Messy blogging legwork means writing and publishing the guest post when you do not completely feel like writing and publishing the guest post. Perhaps commenting genuinely on 5-10 blogs from your niche today feels like a strong intuitive pull but the ego tries like hell to dissuade you from commenting authentically, or even commenting at all.

In this moment, blogging feels like messy, perhaps even not too necessary, legwork. But trusting your gut to comment is important work because the intuition knows success while the ego knows failure. Simply frame messy blogging legwork as showing up for work when you do not feel like showing up for work. Pros in all walks of life show up on days pros feel not like showing up. Amateurs do not show up. Observe pros in any niche. Observe amateurs in every niche.

Drilling deeper, failures quit and pros put in the work and time, no matter what. I cultivated the habit of being persistent, consistent and truly helpful over years. Developing the habit required me to get clear on practicing this skill, especially when the ego told me to do anything but blog. Blogging weeds out weak-willed bloggers quickly. Iron-willed bloggers become established pros but only by doing the messy legwork.

Reframing legwork you resist doing also lets you knife through resistance. Adopt this perspective; the drudge work is being truly helpful for folks who could definitely use your help. Thinking about helping fellow humans instantly changes hard, dreary, boring work to an opportunity for rendering generous service in genuine fashion. Change the words. Change the feeling. Change the perspective.

I am hardly a Blogging Buddha. I resist being genuinely helpful, from time to time. But changing my mind immediately dissolves blogging-related resistance into a fun opportunity to help people. Folks reading this who need the message right now benefit from my willingness to nudge into discomfort.

That sounds good to me.


Teaching blogging – even if teaching feels a little burdensome – is the quickest way to learn blogging.

Learning blogging gives you confidence and clarity, accelerating your success while egging you on through periods of blogging resistance.

Check out this video to get the message:

Teach Blogging to Learn Blogging

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