Never Equate Value with Word Count

Never Equate Value with Word Count 2
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I sometimes come across different blogging schools of thought concerning money.

Some bloggers advise to offer as much value as possible to make money blogging. Others all but publish mini-novels on writing blog posts.

I never equate blog post value with word count because post value equals answering the title-promise in as few words as possible, without adding bloat. Take this blog post. I advise to never equate value with word count. Although most bloggers agree roughly 600 words constitutes the minimum blog post word count, one never needs to publish more words to make their point.

One need not publish more than 600 words to publish a valuable post.

I will write a valuable post because I will explain why to never equate value to word count in as few words as possible. You read, find your question answered and deem the post valuable. Did you find the post valuable because I published a 2000 word post? Nope. You received an answer to the blog post title-promise in as few words as possible. I respected your time. Value.

Reasons Why to Never Equate Value with Word Count

Why should you never assume writing a long word count post makes the post valuable?

  • words yield value not in number, but in how you use words
  • 2000 word – or longer – posts often drop in value because 10%, 20% or more of said posts feast on filler words, bloat and excess
  • writing a lot does not make the post valuable just like speaking a lot does not make your message valuable

Word count is word count. Value is value. Both occur independent of one another. Although we generally agree blog posts begin at a minimum of 600 words, posts do not yield value based on the number of words bloggers use to complete the post.

Value relates to fulfilling the title-promise as briefly, crisply and clearly as possible to be on point and to respect your time.

Time: The Fleeting Commodity

You and I access less time during our life span every day. 24 hours evaporate from my life span today.

Since time is a fleeting commodity, respecting reader time needs to be one chief priority of all bloggers. Why would I write a 3000 word, bloated, inflated post eating up 20 minutes of your precious time when 1000 words and 5 minutes respects your – and my – time?

I save ample time writing 600 word blog posts and guest posts, making my point, delivering value and helping people in a minimum word count. I use saved time to both write more posts and to enjoy more free time offline. Respect reader time. Make your point in as few words as possible. Respect your time too. Bloggers spend weeks writing posts spanning thousands upon thousands of words. I spend minutes making a key point and exiting stage left.

I devote 6000-15,000 word pieces of content to eBooks, self-publishing and selling on Amazon. I get paid for my time spent writing such eBooks. You get to feel professional, serious and credible by purchasing helpful eBooks. Win-win scenario here.

Leave Time to Value Obsessed Circles

Exit blogging circles obsessed with linking content value to the amount of time and words used to publish the content. Bloggers mistakenly believe the value you publish and money you make directly correlates to the amount of time you spend publishing a high word count blog post. No, this is not true.

Valuable posts and premium products flow from skilled bloggers who answer questions and solve problems in targeted fashion. Nobody pays me $6.99 because I spend 2 hours of time writing an eBook. Readers pay me $6.99 because I self-publish helpful eBooks solving reader problems.

I did spend years polishing my writing skills and acquiring knowledge and experience enough to write and self-publish valuable eBooks. But no one pays you based on the hours you spend publishing, self-publishing or creating something. People buy your stuff or hire you based on your problem solving skills, honed over years.


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