Do You Network Generously or Lone Wolf It?

Do You Network Generously or Lone Wolf It? 2
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One of my favorite ways to see if you head toward blogging success or failure is to observe this: do you network or lone wolf it?

Lone wolfing it means doing things solo, without networking at all. Not networking ensures you fail long term because you get completely overwhelmed by, and lapped by, bloggers who generously, patiently and persistently build huge networks of loving, loyal people, to support their business. Networkers get ahead based on the power of many. Lone wolves burn out based on the power of one person; themselves.

The moment I publish any post, the post goes out to my network. My network promotes the blog post, expanding my reach, big time. Expanding my reach accelerates my blogging success. Simple process. But imagine if I blogged solo? Imagine if I never networked? Picture writing a post, publishing a blog post and nobody reads it or shares it. Success becomes impossible to attain because money and traffic flow through human beings. Making good friends with human beings inspires more blogging human beings to promote you, endorse you and to buy your stuff. Plus generous friends like Sazzadul invite you to guest post. What a gem! He helps me succeed and I do my best to help him succeed, too, publishing content on BlogCD on the regular.

Even if you get darn good at manipulating Google, these days, you are toast. Why? Google FORCES you to network, in order to build backlinks organically. Nobody gets around the networking thingee because if you want strong, organic links to drive search traffic, you better build genuine bonds and increase your skills to build the strong links, and to boost SERPs on Google.

The days of silly link exchanges died eons ago. Now, you either network, or your blog dies. You NEED TO follow the blogging fundamentals if you even want to sniff at success and networking is one such fundamental. Networking generously opens doors lone wolves never even see, let alone, find and open.

How do you network generously? Promote bloggers on your blog, promote bloggers on social media and comment genuinely on blogs. Ask for nothing at all in return. Expect nothing. In time, bloggers you help begin to trust you because you expressed a genuine interest in THEM, NOT in what the blogger could do for you. This is real networking. This is how to become a blogging power broker. This is how to reach the next level of your blogging campaign, through the power of moving up in blogging circles, relatively quickly.

Never lone wolf it because trying to blog solo ensures networking, connected bloggers drown out your blogging and brand voice. After publishing one post, nobody sees the post, in the case of a blogging lone wolf. But after publishing one post, hundreds to thousands of people see the post quickly, in the case of a connected blogger. Why? Connected bloggers influence their friends to retweet posts, to share posts on Facebook, to share posts on LinkedIn and to mention posts on their blogs, expanding the connected blogger’s reach, pronto.

But building a large, loyal blogger friend network requires time, patience, persistence and generosity. Good things take time and generous service. Connected bloggers build huge, loyal friend networks over thousands of hours, of generous service.

One top blogger whose posts get syndicated through some of the top business sites on earth explained how he patiently wined and dined syndication heads at these iconic businesses. He literally took these folks out for lunch, footing the bill, to befriend them, to gift them and to earn their trust. Building his network in this fashion, this connected, millionaire blogger influenced his friends to syndicate his blog posts. From syndication forward, he noticed decent success multiply into something spectacular.

All because the power of blogging networking wins again.

Network. Never lone wolf it.

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