Do You Know What Communities to Leave Behind?

Do You Know What Communities to Leave Behind? 2
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I scanned an online forum I had not visited in years a few moments ago.

Periodically, I check my backlinks to see where I tend to pop up. But scanning this site revealed a forum post from 11 years ago. 11 years in the online world is like 50 years in the offline world. Changes in internet marketing, online business and blogging in general have been dramatic during the time frame. Think back to 2010. Scammers and spammers routinely dominated page 1 of Google for a wide range of competitive keywords. Using black hat tactics still worked as far as gaming page 1 of Google. But the forum post reply I published seemed somewhat evergreen, at least. However, the energy pervading the forum smelled of:

  • fear
  • greed
  • desperation

Most users wanted to get rich quickly. I knew to leave the community behind years ago solely because my blogging message is love and co-creating, not fear and competing. The forum largely became fear and competition before changing hands through ownership a long time ago. The newer owners adopted a different forum voice. Fear and competition dissolved into harmony and co-creation. I believed the owners were onto something special. Unfortunately though, those owners sold the forum to more competitive-minded owners who returned to the same spammy, BS tactics guaranteed to attract:

  • greedy
  • desperate

internet marketers to the forum. Seeing that unfortunate ownership shift marked the last straw for me. I vowed to never use the forum again because the group voice did not resonate with my vision. I am not about fear, competition, hyped up claims and other manipulative practices. Making the choice to put the community in my rear view window felt like a no-brainer but only based on my clarity. However, being less clear would have led to waffling about and even possibly sticking around even though I knew few potential readers and followers awaited for me, on the forum.

How quickly do you drop blogging communities like a hot potato the moment either users turn or you flat out notice the fear element long ignored in the group? Fear scares some bloggers into sticking around even though these individuals know it is time to move forward. Holding on to a losing proposition only hurts your blogging campaign because how can you gain by focusing on loss? I intend to attract passionate, empathetic bloggers focused on having fun helping folks and trusting that blogging outcomes take care of themselves. How in the goodness would I ever find these readers in a forum dominated by:

  • hype?
  • inflated claims?
  • absurdly delusional promises?

My ideal reader sees through these silly forms of manipulation. More importantly, the majority of those greedy, desperate people want to get rich quickly and have zero interest in my generous, patient, persistent approach to blogging presented at Blogging From Paradise. Letting go the forum felt quite easy but bloggers lacking clarity may not make as clear and definite a decision. In those cases, do your best to honestly assess what communities need to stay and what groups need to go. You and I know deep down what groups need to go. But surface fears try to scare you into the concepts of loss, scarcity and a general waste of time, for having worked the group for years prior. However, clinging to a losing proposition is a waste of time every second you refuse to let go the community.

Let go to grow. Be at peace with releasing groups that no longer benefit you. Letting go makes room for new groups to move into your experience. Releasing the old and worn out makes room for the fresh and energizing. But allowing in resonant communities involves giving worn out communities da boot. Do group audits from time to time. See what needs to stay and what needs to go, to grow.


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2 thoughts on “Do You Know What Communities to Leave Behind?”

  1. Hi Ryan, Oh yes, these communities change quite often now and I’ve let go of many and am focusing more on the blogs vs. all the social networks and forums. Excellent point!

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