Do You Keep these Bloggers Out?

Do You Keep these Bloggers Out? 2
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Mind is a precious blogging gift because how you think, feel and act determines your blogging destiny. Think loving thoughts, feel loving emotions, take loving, generous action and succeed. We know this. But allowing fear-filled, negative bloggers into your experience, messes with your mind. Negative bloggers douse your focus, lessen your intensity and do everything possible to move your mind from fear, to love. Some do this ignorantly. Others, intentionally. In either case, keeping negative bloggers out of your life is the simple way to keep your mind pure and to accelerate your blogging success, too. How do you keep negative bloggers out of your blogging – and life – experience? Become hyper aware of your thoughts and feelings.

I chilled with some high energy bloggers for a bit. But I also chilled with low energy bloggers. Why? Fear in my mind aligned with these negative types. A little part of me felt comfortable being around fear-filled bloggers because it felt familiar to me, on some level. But exploring my fear thoughts and fear feelings was the only way to release these negative nellies because you spot negative folks by seeing negativity in your own mind. Mirror time. Look within. See your mind as it really is. Look without. Observe how folks behave. Release negative bloggers. Keep other negative bloggers out. Imagine a scared, desperate blogger emailing you for some question, some ask, some frenzied plea. Do you want to go into business with this person? Nope. Minus sending a link resource, do you want to give 5 minutes – let alone 1 minute – to this person? Nope. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows, and giving your attention and energy to negative folks just expands negative vibes in your blogging experience. 

I see it as releasing folks non resonant with your highest, ideal life, your vision, your dream. Why connect with people who try to hold you back when you can connect with people who pull you forward? Do you see what I mean? Looking within clears your mind of fear, giving you clarity of thought and improved skills in keeping negative bloggers, out, for good. Beware being confused by top bloggers who vibe negatively. Some well-meaning bloggers with worldly success need to be kept away, too. Any blogger telling you no one cares about you or your blog needs to be avoided because allowing these fear-filled, negative ideas into your precious mind poisons your mind and screws up your blogging journey. Why blog with your self worth in the cyber toilet? How do you move higher in blogging circles believing you are blogging scum? Reject negative bloggers. Surround yourself with loving, uplifting bloggers who feed your mind loving, generous, success-promoting thoughts.

I meditate and do Kriya yoga daily to expand my awareness. Engaging in each activity helps me see and feel my fears. Spotting and releasing on negative bloggers feels easy because I make spiritual advancement #1 in my life. I suggest you do the same to be aware of negative nellies and to keep these folks out. Be compassionate by teaching negative bloggers how not being loving, caring and generous makes it impossible to move higher in blogging circles. No one succeeds by fear-ing their way to the top. Bloggers in higher circles think, feel and act from love, generosity, peace and trust. Thwarted negative bloggers soon learn this basic truth of blogging life.


Do you encounter annoying dream stealers? Do these negative folks tell you what you cannot do, trying to hold you back from living your dreams? I wrote an eBook to help you deal with these folks. Buy it here:

How to Deal with Dream Stealers

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