What Is the Cure to All Blogging Ills?

What Is the Cure to All Blogging Ills? 2
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Help a bunch of people for free to help a bunch of people for pay. Simple as pie. All blogging ills grow out of not helping a bunch of people for free. For example, I guest post 5 times daily. Guest posting is helping a bunch of people for free. Helping the oodles of people for free through guest posting gives me exposure and credibility. Increased exposure and credibility expand my success exponentially. Everything grows through service. All expand by helping people for free. But most bloggers do not help oodles of folks for free. What happens? Versus growing and expanding, everything regresses and contracts. Numbers drop or remain at zero. No profits. Little traffic. But the root cause is the blogger, not blogs, or Google, or other people. All blogging ills begin in mind and manifest as your blogging actions, or, your blogging inaction.

Help people for free through your blog, guest posting, genuine blog commenting and by promoting bloggers on your blog and through social media. Assist individuals for free. Ask for nothing in return. Help. Cut strings. Detach. Make sure to get busy opening income streams for profiting through free help. I love helping people for free but also love receiving a neutral means of exchange called “money” for service rendered. I love living a worldly life. I accept money for service rendered, for valued shared, like anyone who works a job or anyone who runs a business. But free help plays such a massive role in curing ills, expanding business and building a thriving blogging venture. Helping for free seems counter-intutive to the employee mindset, “I gotta get paid!” crowd. Sure payment happens…but down the road, on the other side of ample free giving.

I love mentioning online icon Gary Vee as a true hallmark of adopting the servant’s mindset. Dude is worth $160 million to $200 million dollars now. But he divulges how he worked for free for many years before gaining enough skills, exposure and credibility to begin making chedda. Then, he kept helping people for free, even as he made sweet coin. Then, he kept helping people for free after making more money online. Now he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars but likely 15,000 to 20,000 hours of free help went into the $200 million dollar net worth.

I know this idea seems tough to understand at first. Like most folks, you and I either worked jobs as employees or we saw our parents work jobs as employees. Work for a set time. Get paid money for that specific, set amount of work. But blogging is different. Way different. Blogging is working for free for a long time and then the paychecks arrive in different amounts, at different times. Rest assured, the money gradually adds up. Plus you have the freedom to work when you want to, where you want to. But free service put everything into motion.

Get stupid busy helping folks for free many hours each day. All struggles grow into success. All pain dissolves into pleasure. All fears evolve into freedom. Everything changes the moment you change, evolving from inward-thinking, problem-having blogger to outward-thinking, success-promoting blogger. Generate the joyous feeling of rendering generous service. Wow does this vibe pay off in the long run. Feel good now because you enjoy helping folks. Feel the added bonus of boosting traffic and profits down the road. Win-win.


Do you need help as a beginner blogger? We all face problems as newbies….like….not knowing the cure to all blogging ills is rendering generous service. Anyway, if you need newbie blogger guidance I wrote an eBook to empower you on your blogging journey. Buy it here:

Blogging for Beginners: 6 Tips to Help You Avoid the Nightmares I Faced

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