1 Sneaky Form of Blogging Self-Sabotage

1 Sneaky Form of Blogging Self-Sabotage 2
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I barely note numbers, but since I do not actively grow an email list and simply email subs daily, the number dwindles. No big deal. I focus on readers who want and enjoy my content, not folks who do not vibe with my delivery.

Anyway, people who unsubscribe from my emails do so for 2 reasons; either lost resonance (readers no longer vibe with my blogging tips), or self-sabotage. Some readers prefer other schools of blogging thought or perhaps no longer have an interest in blogging. This crowd does not vibe with my updates, and unsubscribes from my list. Cool. Other readers enjoy my teachings, benefit from my emails and vibe with my blog posts, but unsubscribe as a form of self-sabotage, guaranteeing their failure, by refusing to follow successful blogging advice persistently.

Humans are funny. We get excellent advice routinely and claim to feel grateful for the advice, but fear-ego self-sabotages the process by rejecting good advice because said good advice frees us, forces us outside of our comfort zone, makes us face deep fears and liberates us. Some bloggers on my email list secretly do not believe they deserve blogging success and find self-sabotaging ways to ensure this limiting belief comes true. Imagine someone unsubscribing for reasons like being too busy, not being able to keep up with my updates, feeling overwhelmed or claiming my blog posts feel too demanding, to follow. Some of these folks then use the time gained by not reading my emails, to watch TV or to do something else comfortable, confining, and guaranteeing their unhappiness, melancholy nature and blogging failure.

Guys; blogging success only flows to bloggers who face, feel and release deep fears. Why? Doing this guarantees you uncover sneaky forms of self-sabotage, bedeviling you for years or even decades. No one knows your self-sabotage save you because every blogger needs to look within, to see how fear-ego influences you to do things that ensure you screw up your blogging campaign. Some bloggers love my content but do not follow my advice. Why? Self-sabotage. But bloggers committed 100% to blogging get my emails daily, follow my advice, face fear, generously serve people and eventually unearth self-sabotaging, sneaky ways, to become a successful blogger.


Self-sabotage comes masked in excuses like: “I have no time to blog,” or “So and so successful blogger is lucky and I am unlucky,” or “So and so successful blogger offers good advice but their teaching style and techniques are just not for me, so I will unsubscribe from their list,”……among others.

The way thru self-sabotage is by following your passion smack dab into problems. Follow your fun right into your fears. Fears fuel self-sabotaging ways. Not following good blogging advice or following good blogging advice for a few days or weeks or unsubscribing from my email list because you cannot keep up with daily blog posts sent to your inbox indicates you are doing everything possible to live a comfortable life void of blogging success, guaranteed to sustain your blogging failure. Facing, feeling and releasing deserving and worthiness issues does not feel pleasant but liberates you from self-sabotaging ways. Do it. Thank yourself later.

Blogging is an intimately personal journey based on living inside-out. All of your outer blogging struggles begin in your mind, with its predominant thoughts and feelings. Do you want to solve blogging problems? Look within. All struggles begin in mind and end in mind. Root out self-sabotaging ways. Succeed as you move into empowered, inspired, uncomfortable action on the road to your dreams.


Do you want to build a profitable blog by getting your mind right? I wrote an eBook for that. Buy it here:

How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

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