Do You Keep Blogging Simple?

Do You Keep Blogging Simple? 2
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Most bloggers make blogging complex. Do 101 things every day. 101 different things. This makes zero sense because simple works awesome, over the long haul, and complex works terribly, now and later. I spend my blogging day writing blog posts, guest posts and blog comments. I promote my 100 plus eBooks – including this gem – and my courses. I also promote fellow bloggers through blogs and social media. Nothing more, nothing less. My blogging day is simple. But sometimes, doing simple things for sustained periods of time feels uncomfortable. Such is blogging; at least if you want to blog successfully.

Basically, if you want to keep blogging simple, travel down the rabbit hole of your own fears because fear is the energy making simple, complex. The thing is, guys, we all know creating helpful content and building strong bonds through genuine commenting and by promoting other bloggers are simple steps to being successful online. But why do few bloggers follow this simple advice? Fear. Bloggers fear so many fears, it makes your head spin. Why not blog twice or thrice weekly? Fear, masked as writer’s block or wasting time or failing or being criticized. In these moments, either you nudge into fear and move past fear, keeping things simple, or you quit, making things complex.

Either do simple, basic things daily for 4-8 hours, for 3-4 years, and go pro, to live your dreams, or let fear influence you to NOT do these simple things, to guarantee your failure. You choose, because you decide to edge and nudge into fear and proceed simply, or you refuse to face fear, turn around and make blogging terribly complex. You choose. No one has power over you. No thing has power over you. No obstacle has power over you. Nothing outside of you has power over you. Fear has no power over you unless you choose to allow fear to have power over you. You choose.

Keep blogging simple. Generously create some form of content daily. Keep helping your fellow bloggers by noting ’em and through blog commenting. Embrace this journey. Allow yourself to feel fears while keeping things simple, then, proceed to keep things simple after facing, feeling and releasing blogging fears. Blogging is doing simple things generously for thousands of hours, ESPECIALLY when you feel scared, bored or like giving up. Pros do not surrender to fear and keep going, doing simple stuff. Everybody else chooses to quit doing simple stuff, ensuring their failure. 100% of the time, you choose to keep doing simple stuff or to avoid facing fear, and to not do simple stuff, to struggle and fail. Eventually, you quit all together but you chose to quit, all because you chose to stop doing simple, powerful things.

I know you are up to this, guys. But blogging feels unpleasant in moments. Fear arises because you do simple stuff for years, and still, no full time income arrives. Relax. Do not panic. Do not worry and quit, bailing on simple, powerful blogging strategies. Feel the fear, then keep going. Simple actions compound into something spectacular over the long haul. The trick is to face fear, feel fear, and keep doing simple stuff, even when you feel fear.

You are up to it. I believe in you. Anytime your mind begs you to ditch the simple creating and connecting strategy, remind yourself that blogging is doing simple, basic things generously for many thousands of hours. You need to be with your fears to avoid panicking. Be with fear. Remind yourself to keep it simple. Relax. Then, proceed to keeping things simple.

Simple wins over the long haul.

Create, connect and be super generous. Surround yourself with generous bloggers. Allow their good vibes to influence you. Tune into greater and greater worldly blogging success.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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