Do You Focus on Small Potatoes Blogging Problems?

Do You Focus on Small Potatoes Blogging Problems? 2
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Bloggers tend to make mountains out of tiny little ridges in the ground. Do you focus on blogging small potatoes? Do you imagine huge problems within these tiny, seemingly non-issue events that cripple you only because your ego creates the problem?

Imagine yourself attempting to pick a blogging niche. After 2 weeks of research, analysis paralysis conquers you. What can you do? Why is this a huge blogging problem? Why do you have a tough time picking a blogging niche? Fear. Fear in your mind creates a MASSIVE, 2 week long, blogging problem. Face, feel and release the fear. Dissolve the blogging problem. Pick your niche in 10 minutes. Massive problems because opportunities for growth as your fear-chaos dissolves into love-order-clarity.

How do you pick a blogging niche? Spend a few moments listing your passions. What do you love doing? Create a list of stuff you have fun doing. From there, research a few passions to see if some human demand fuels the niche. Match your fun with a pressing problem readers need solving. Simply pick 3 niches fulfilling your passions and problem-solving demands, then, whittle the niches down to the 1 niche you love covering more than any blogging niche. Voila. You just picked your blogging niche in a few hours. But if the process spans 4 to 10 to 24 hours – or longer – face fears in your mind making this easy task seem like a massive undertaking.

Other common small blogging problems bloggers blowing up into massive issues include:

  • picking your domain name
  • picking a theme for your blog
  • picking a hosting company
  • trying to decide whether or not to open or close blog comments

Bloggers waste days, weeks or even months creating massive problems out of these piddley little issues. Pick a domain name related to your niche; choose a name you can easily visualize, if possible. Spend 1-2 hours picking your domain name. Spend a few moments choosing a theme, hosting company and whether you want to open or close comments on your blog. Each seems to be a small issue compared to the genuinely important activities of:

  • generously creating and publishing helpful content
  • genuinely and generously bonding with professional bloggers
  • opening multiple streams of income

Each activity listed through the prior 3 bullet points forms the foundation of successful blogging campaigns. Spend 1000’s of hours creating, connecting and remember to monetize your blog too. But meanwhile, bloggers spend 4 hours observing heat maps on their blog and spend zero hours writing and publishing their next guest post, until 14 days from now. Most bloggers struggle by focusing their attention, energy and time on the wrong things versus focusing their attention, energy and time on the right things. Create. Connect. Monetize. Everything else is blogging small potatoes.

Focus on what matters to release all that does not matter. Watch pro bloggers closely; none went pro by obsessing over small potatoes, wasting time and energy on lesser activities. Pros go pro and remain pro by doing what matters on a daily basis. Create. Connect. Monetize. Blogging is not much else, save adding a few details here and there. Beware getting swept up in non-essential blogging details. Networking only with top pros influences you to do as they do. Top pros focus on what matters and let go all else. Follow their lead to become a thriving pro blogger.


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