Be Careful About What You Resist Doing Blogging-Wise

Be Careful About What You Resist Doing Blogging-Wise 2
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For the longest time I refused to write and publish a high volume of guest posts. I resisted doing this for any number of reasons. But the reasons did not matter; the resistance did. Any time you strongly resist some piece of blogging advice or following some blogging path, resisting the advice or path tells you something about what you NEED to do in order to be free. In essence, whatever you resist simply allows you to experience greater success if you do what you resist doing.

Resistance is the attempt of ego to keep you unhappy, miserable, failing and comfortable. Or in the case of successful bloggers, resistance is the attempt of ego to prevent greater growth. I resisted guest posting from a prolific energy because my ego wished to hold back my success, preferring to keep me in my comfort zone. Guest posting generously would mean:

  • experiencing greater blogging success
  • experiencing more freedom
  • helping more people
  • embracing greater responsibility

My ego feared taking on greater responsibility. Naturally, my ego resisted me guest posting freely. I resisted guest posting, felt stuck, seemed to never be able to make my blogging breakthrough and nothing changed. But edging into what I resisted – by guest posting prolifically – both dissolved the resistance and increased my blogging success. I stopped fighting what freed me. I ceased debating why I did not guest post and opened up to guest posting. I never looked back.

But challenging my resistance to guest posting marked the turning point. I had to stop listening to my ego’s advice and feelings and listen to what my heart told me to do. My heart told me to ignore my ego and to guest post freely. Doing this felt uncomfortable at first because edging into resistance nudges you into fear. But greater fun, freedom and blogging success awaits for you on the other side of fear.

Challenge your resistance to acting on specific blogging ideas. Never trust your ego. Ego fears being free, being more successful and shouldering greater responsibility because ego becomes less relevant as you become free, help more people and experience greater blogging success.

Right now, my ego wants me to go to bed for a bit to take a mid day nap. But writing and publishing this guest post only requires 5 more minutes of my time. My heart tells me to write and publish the guest post. My ego tells me to nap. I listen to my heart versus trusting resistance offered by my ego. Practice listening to your intuition and ignoring ego and its fear-pining, habitually. Observe any resistance you feel toward doing certain things, blogging-wise.

Pay close attention to your reluctance to do things successful bloggers advise you do. Are successful bloggers leading you in the wrong direction? Or does your ego want you to keep moving in the wrong blogging direction, to keep the ego preserved, comfortable and miserable?

Accelerate your blogging success. Do what you feel resistance to doing to increase your blogging success. Do you resist writing and self-publish an eBook? Write and self-publish an eBook. Do it. Greater fun, freedom and success await on the other side of your resistance. Begin guest posting. Engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign. Network genuinely and generously. Add passive income streams to your blog. Do what you resist doing to experience blogging success you have yet to experience. Free yourself by challenging ego excuses. Inspire other bloggers to be more successful.


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