Do You Compare Your Beginner Blogger Journey to Pro Blogger Results?

Do You Compare Your Beginner Blogger Journey to Pro Blogger Results? 2
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One of the strangest and flat out deluded things I did as a beginner blogger 12 years ago was comparing my beginner blogger journey with the results of pro bloggers. Feeling frustrated that I was So far away from their results, I wished to give up, to quit, to throw in the blogging towel. DUH! Of course I was so far away from their results. These pro bloggers had 10,000 hours of blogging experience. I had 10 hours of blogging experience. DUH! Sounds simple to get logically but humans are emotional, not logical, creatures. Feeling fear-emotions deludes you into comparing 10 hours with 10,000 hours of blogging experience.

New bloggers usually compare their inexperienced, new blogger journey with a seasoned, pro blogger’s results. Why do that? Why put yourself against these individuals? Professional bloggers possess 5-10 years – or more – of blogging experience. New blogger you possesses 1-3 weeks or 3-6 months of experience. How do you two compare if you have 1 month of blogging experience and pros have 10 years of blogging experience? Why do I write and publish 3 guest posts daily for years? I have 12 years of blogging experience. I built my skills, exposure and cred to where serious bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs. But I took these opportunities to the hilt by guest posting on a few blogs daily. Why? Pro blogging experience taught me to gobble up prospering opportunities to serve, like I breathe.

12 years of pro blogging experience taught me these concepts. What did 10 hours of blogging experience do for me? Not too much. Why? I was a newbie, a greenhorn, and no one new to any endeavor knows or does much of anything. Imagine learning how to ride a bike for the first time. After spending 3 minutes on a bicycle do you feel prepared to complete the Tour De France? Do you feel ready to cycle 120 miles up brutally steep mountains? No 3 minute cyclist should compare themselves to pro cyclists who have been riding their bikes for 20 years, training religiously. No new blogger should compare themselves to pro bloggers because new and veteran bloggers come from different worlds, experience-wise.

I have 10,000 to likely 15,000 hours of blogging experience-practice. THAT is why I can sit down and write this guest post in 15-20 minutes. Bloggers with 10-15 hours of blogging practice cannot sit down and write a post in 15-20 minutes because they do not have enough blogging practice yet to attain that feat. A 15 hour blogger cannot land a guest post on Sazzadul’s respected blog because it takes oodles of writing practice, learning how to network the right way, networking the right way and publishing helpful content on your blog to impress and befriend a blogger of his stature. Any time you see a pro blogger, these leaders teach you how to blog the right way, but include a disclaimer in your mind:

“Don’t do this at home.”

Don’t try to write and publish a blog post in 15 minutes as a beginner blogger, as I can; the end result ain’t gonna be pretty. Don’t do this at home. Be patient. Relax. Give yourself 30 minutes to write and publish a 600 word blog post, if not longer. Slow down. Calm down. Bloggers who do neat things easily spend 10,000 plus hours to become skilled enough to do neat things easily. No one gets a free pass. No one takes shortcuts. Every pro worked long and persistently to become skilled enough to turn out blog posts and guest posts like hot cakes. Remember this before comparing your beginner blogger journey with a professional blogger’s results.


Avoid common new blogger errors.

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