How Often Do You Journey to Your Inner Blogging World?

How Often Do You Journey to Your Inner Blogging World? 2
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I observed myself rushing a bit too much not 45 minutes ago. Fear pushed me a bit too much. Happens. But from first hand experience, taking a deep breath, relaxing and journeying into your inner blogging world gives you crystal clear clarity in seeing why you struggle and also, in seeing how you can help people to increase your blogging success. My mind sprinted ahead wildly – from fear – as I projected into the future. I needed to get all types of stuff done, because I thought ahead to the future blog posts, guest posts and trips I have planned. I found my mind projecting into a future non-existent because the moment is real and time is an illusion.

But I made these realizations because I retreated to my inner blogging world. I made the journey, however unpleasant and uncomfortable. Making that journey feels maddening sometimes because inner-fear rears its ugly head. Case in point; 5 minutes ago I stopped writing to film a 1 minute video to share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Cool. All good, calm and relaxed. But the split second I uploaded it to each platform something happened within: my fears raced ahead in my mind. I feared running out of time. I found my mind telling me to write this post as quickly as can be to get 3-4 other guest posts published. Plus I have 3-4 hours of exercise and yoga to do. Yikes! But versus trusting fear and blogging-acting from fear, I slowed down, calmed down, watched my inner blogging world to observe the fear, let fear pass, felt relaxed and sat down to write this guest post slowly, calmly and peacefully.

What happens if I do not journey to my inner blogging world? I run around like an animal, force things, race ahead, blog fast, all because I blog from energies of fear in my mind-within, versus blogging from energies of love, peace, calm and trust. Oops; I just stopped again to film another video of the quiet, peaceful city I am renting an AirBnB in. I felt the fear-rush within again, felt it and proceeded to slow down, calm down and to continue writing this guest post. Everything changes the moment you choose to go within. Nothing changes if you resist taking your inner blogging journey.

Stop working hard, blogging long days and trying to force blogging success to find you through your boorish attempts at manipulating blogging, people and heck, everything. Look within. Journey inward. Feel your fears. Proceed calmly. Blogging gets easier and easier if you journey within routinely because you realize all hard blogging difficulties are fear in your mind. Feeling fear removes both the fear and the hard difficulties, making blogging easy and relaxing again. What is the challenge? Going within again and again feels uncomfortable, scary and unpleasant. How do you overcome the challenge? Face, feel and release uncomfortable fears within, again and again, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Everything changes the moment you change within. All flows according to your willingness to journey deeper in your inner world. Do it. Make blogging easier. Never make blogging more difficult.


Developing peace in your mind is an inner game involving devout journeys within, again and again. One needs to go within to experience profound, lasting peace on a predominant basis. My life only changed by me deciding to go within. I wrote an eBook reminding you how to get more peace in your life. If this sounds relaxing, fun and freeing to you, feel free to buy the eBook here:

25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life

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