Do You Chase or Attract Business?

Do You Chase or Attract Business? 2
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I scanned my email for about 10 minutes.

Most bloggers attempted to chase business. Cold pitches for guest posts, sponsored posts and someone even demanded I place their free advertising widget on my blog. Fear makes you do silly stuff. Most of all, fear makes you chase business versus attracting business.

Observe me; I attracted all business opportunities to my email inbox today. I never cold pitch bloggers. I do not try to convince someone to hire me or to buy my stuff. If bloggers question me about my course or eBooks I just send a recommendation. Otherwise, I do not.

Attracting business feels relaxing, calming and quite soothing. Versus desperately emailing as many bloggers as possible to make your daily bread you help people generously, relax and allow the business to flow your way from calm, confident energy.

Chasing business feels stressful because doing so wastes your energy. Every cold pitch wastes time because you know not if the individual needs your product or service. Assuming someone needs your offering grossly wastes your precious time and energy. Why spend time assuming and cold pitching when writing and publishing targeted blog posts and guest posts ensure interested parties find your blog? Relax. Attract.


Attract blogging business for a more peaceful, relaxing experience. Put work in on the front end by generously helping bloggers. Guest post frequently. Promote other bloggers on your blog. Comment genuinely on blogs. Put in your time. Slow down. Calm down.

Allow the cathartic emotions of peace and serenity to overtake your being. Building your blogging business from a vantage point of attraction feels good because you cease chasing what you do not have and feel grateful for helping people. In essence, you give virtually 100% of your attention and energy to the process. Focusing heavily on the business-building process lays the foundation for a successful business campaign.

Create and Connect

Attraction marketing involves generous work. No blogger sits idle and succeeds.

Calmly, abundantly create helpful content and connect with leaders to build your attraction marketing campaign on a rock-solid foundation. Be generous. Helping more people increases your reach. Increasing your reach allows more business to flow to you. Everything starts with your willingness to lay the foundation for something special.

Fall in love with the process of creating helpful content and bonding deeply with fellow bloggers. Stop obsessively analyzing blogging metrics for hours on end. Be generous in all you do by helping people and expecting nothing. Offer little thought to stats or metrics, simply checking numbers infrequently as a basic guideline, not a stopping point.

Face Fear

Face fear to purge desperate, chasing energies. Most bloggers waste time by carrying heavy fear burdens. Face, feel and release fear to seamlessly proceed with your attraction marketing campaign. Fear is the sole energy goading you to chase versus attracting blogging business. Face the energies, feel the energies, slow down and calm down and position yourself to attract business from posturing, generous energy.


Organizing your blogging day effectively positions you to create and connect generously. Engage in a few simple blogging tasks daily. Never clutter your mind and day with 10 or 20 different blogging strategies. Add too much to do and you begin desperately sprinting after business.

Do a few simple things generously for hours daily to be an organized blogger. I create helpful content through blogging and guest posting and bond with fellow bloggers by helping them out. My blogging day requires little organizing because I only do a few things. Simplify. Clarify. Attract business to you.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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