Do You Change with the Blogging Times?

Do You Change with the Blogging Times? 2
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Back in 2008 when I was a new blogger, black hat bloggers hacked page 1 of Google to rank low quality articles, let alone cruddy blog posts. Seems crazy now, eh? Especially for current day newbie bloggers, believing Google would actually rank poop seems outlandish. But alas, bloggers shoveled crap that Google simply accepted, back in the day.

I recall crappy, low-quality articles from less than reputable article bases ranked on page 1 of Google. Some low-quality articles ranked position 1 on page 1. Fast forward 12 years. Blogging seems quite different. Google is not fool proof or the perfect source of knowledge but algorithm changes over the past 12 years weeded out virtually all poor content published through spammy article bases. Bloggers clinging to writing these articles struggled until changing with the blogging times.

I observed a few bloggers hellbent on writing and publishing through link-farm blogs after Matt Cutts banned guest posting for links. Google guaranteed none of these blogs would ever rank on Google after his 2014 edict. Yet stubborn, rigid, foolish bloggers refused to change with the blogging times, continuing to publish content through link-farm, multi-topic blogs that never would rank on Google again. Some quit. Some woke up, changed with the times and experienced success through different channels.

Admittedly, I received money for paid guest posting by using multi-topic blogs commonly seen as link farms. But after Matt Cutts and Google banned these blogs I immediately saw how the income stream dissolved overnight. Versus complaining, I changed with the blogging times, began writing and self-publishing eBooks and never looked back. Either you change with the blogging times and prosper or resist change, struggle, fail and quit. Everything depends on you.

Observe your blog. Do you change with change? Do you remain flexible, nimble and open to change? Do you evolve with the blogging times? Pay close attention to your blog, strategies and tactics. Note your blog layout. Observe your income streams. How frequently do you publish content? How do you design your blog? Sitting with questions to allow answers to reveal themselves gives you clarity on your blogging journey, allowing you to change and evolve as needed in order to succeed. Time flies by. Either you evolve with time and succeed or fight evolution and fail. Evolving means making uncomfortable but freeing decisions to change with the blogging times.

Virtually all struggle, failure and quitting roots itself in being rigid, flexible and unchanging. Bloggers slam into problems for fear in their mind creating the problems. Problems arise for rigid bloggers refusing change, fighting evolution. Bloggers who fear guest posting slam into traffic and profits struggles because rejecting guest posting rejects change, evolution and expansion. Few bloggers succeed these days solely by publishing posts to their own blogs. Google, readers and blogging in general looks to symbiont bonds, co-creations, for increased blogging success and freedom.

Change with change to succeed. Fight change with fail. Observe the blogging times. Observe how blogging has evolved. Have you evolved with blogging? Remain true to your values. But be flexible in your tactics because tactics change with the times.

Change! Evolve! Be flexible. Change your blog to reflect the times. I came across a blogger back in 2013 who set up a complex scheme to sell her books, involving multiple emails, mailing checks and mailing paperbacks. She would have been wise to write and self-publish the paperback through Amazon. Change! Evolve! Let Amazon do the backend work. Make more money. Make life easier. Make success easier. Everything changes if you change with the blogging times. Be open, flexible and willing to change to promote your blogging success.


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