Blogging Sweet Arrives After Some Blogging Sour

Blogging Sweet Arrives After Some Blogging Sour 2
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I can barely type these words. My fingers seem to temporarily fail me. Observe the effects of cold weather combined with a stiff breeze flowing off of the river. Welcome to New Jersey during the coldest winter months.

My wife and I walked for 100 minutes around town in 0 C temperatures. Wearing no gloves in freezing weather for 1 hour and 40 minutes creates deep cold and stiffness in your hands. Stiff fingers can barely type. But the sour sensation of having cold, stiff hands is small potatoes compared to the health and wellness I experience from sticking to a vigorous exercise campaign. I never take a day off from exercising, ever. Being committed to fitness allows me to live a healthy, free life.

Blogging is similar. Expect to taste blogging sour over the years. Here and there, struggles greet you, creating uncomfortable emotions in your being. What can you do? Either hug the sour, keep blogging and succeed or quit when things get even the tiniest bit sour. Of course, bloggers tend to quit when even a tinge of blogging sour seems to rear its ugly head, giving bloggers a distaste few face, embrace and release.

Think of the last 5 blogging obstacles you did not wade through. Pay close attention to how fast you quit blogging the moment resistance arose. Be honest with yourself. Do you dodge blogging sour? Do you shrink from obstacles? Do you cower from blogging resistance? Success never finds bloggers who avoid their fears because the sweet, freeing successful, pro blogging career awaits for you on the other side of your fears.

I took a hot shower to warm my hands. My hand stiffness – and awkward typing – dissolved. But I easily could have watched online streaming, prepared and ate dinner and went to sleep after my warm shower. Why do I keep blogging? I blog for fun. I blog for freedom. I blog to help you. Blogging for these sweet reasons lets me glide through the blogging sour guaranteed to arise from time to time.

No one gets around rough blogging patches. Every blogger needs to go THROUGH these circumstances. No one evades fear and succeeds. I have been blogging for 12 years. I still feel uncomfortable doing certain blogging things, here and there. If I feel discomfort embracing the sour virtually all bloggers face, feel and release the sour sometimes, too. Face, feel and release fear. Taste the sour sometimes to taste the sweet most of the time.

Bloggers speak of facing resistance but forget to explain how non-resistance arises often during your pro blogging career. Becoming a highly skilled, confident blogger lets you write and publish blog posts and guest posts almost effortlessly, most of the time. How does that sound for a non-resistant, peaceful, fun journey? But put in the time now. Put in the work now. Develop your skills, exposure and credibility during some sweet and some sour times. Eventually, blogging becomes a sweet journey most of the time.

Knowing why you blog goads you forward during intensely sour periods. Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Knowing why you blog pulls you through tough blogging times masked as obstacles, mental blocks and other forms of blogging resistance to be faced, felt and released, for you to proceed.

Hug a bit of blogging sour for a largely sweet professional blogging journey down the road.


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