Why Do You Feel Awkward Monetizing Your Blog?

Why Do You Feel Awkward Monetizing Your Blog? 2
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Some bloggers feel awkward monetizing their blogs.

Put it off until tomorrow.

Put it off until next year.

Put it off….forever.

Resistance to monetizing your blog – if you intend to eventually go pro – signals one thing: fear. Bloggers fear monetizing their blogs for one or many reasons. Awkwardness suggests resistance to adding blogging income streams. If you avoid the issue you will never make a penny through blogging. Bloggers who make no money blogging never go pro. Pay close attention to the process: blog, monetize, persist, be patient and prosper. Sans income streams, you cannot make money blogging.

Nudge into the awkward emotions. Do you feel awkward receiving a paycheck from your employer? Heck no! I never felt awkward being paid at my jobs. I worked for 40-60 hours weekly at various jobs. I had no problem receiving money for service I rendered. But why feel uncomfortable with receiving money for service rendered through your blog? What fears arise in your mind? Why do you feel uncomfortable with receiving financial compensation for helping human beings? What gives? Do you feel undeserving? Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Do you feel like you or your blog are not worth money? Do you feel like you are not good enough? Do you feel like your blog is not good enough?

Begin wading into fears. Feel pain. Edge into uncomfortable emotions. Walking through the mine field of unpleasant feelings concerning your worthiness, doubts and anxieties feels bad sometimes but no blogger who lacks belief in self and lacks belief in their abilities goes pro. People buy stuff from confident, clear bloggers who feel deserving of money. People hire confident, clear bloggers who feel deserving of money. People stay away from doubting, unclear bloggers who do not feel deserving of money. People vibing lower on the energy scale – in the region of fear – simply turn off most folks.

Monetize your blog now if you have any professional blogging aspirations. See where you are at. Be present with critical energies. Sit with unpleasant feelings. Perhaps you begin to down yourself the moment you self-publish an eBook and paste the embed on your blog.

Who in the heck will buy your eBook anyway? No one will trust you because you do not know what you are talking about. Why waste your time? You will not make any money through your blog anyway.

The above thoughts-feelings are common monetizing stumbling blocks. Face, feel and release each to monetize your blog freely. Sit with the ick. No one enjoys feeling their fears. People despise feeling their doubts. But the only way to monetize your blog is to sit with, feel and release fears preventing you from monetizing your blog.

Note how I promote my 120 plus eBooks like I breathe. I do not play around. But I did have to sit with many fears over the years to gain the confidence and clarity in order to promote my eBooks freely. I did not enjoy feeling these fears because….who likes feeling fear? But I did because I saw the freedoms sitting on the other side of fear. Follow my lead. Sit with money fears. Monetize your blog. Sit with worthiness issues. Sit with deserving issues. You deserve to prosper. Money is just a neutral means of exchange humans hand to one another. People hand over money to receive some product or service that benefits them. This is something we do and see all of the time.

Blogs are simply one medium through which people can obtain products and services by offering money to invest in whatever you have to offer through your blog. Do not be shy. Monetize.


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