Can You Build Your Business through Blog Comments?

Can You Build Your Business through Blog Comments? 2
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Yes; but only if you engage in genuine blog commenting because the other stuff does not work.

What is genuine blog commenting? Sharing your honest thoughts on the blog post topic, addressing your fellow blogger by name and signing off with your name all lend to creating a blog comment that helps build your business. Think of blog commenting as an indirect business builder. Friendships you develop through blog commenting and attention you snag via valued comments both build your business in indirect, passive fashion.

Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your stuff; all business builders. Meanwhile, readers intrigued by your thought-comments click through to your blog, follow your content and buy your stuff or hire you. All business-building activities.

But you need to avoid promoting your business directly through blog comments because doing so is considered spam. Why? The blog post you comment on has nothing to do with your business. Even if a blogging buddy clearly mentions your business – in rare cases – you still want to make your comment about them, bringing attention and energy to their thoughts, their knowledge, their insight. Make it all about them to better connect with fellow bloggers and to bond with their communities. This is how to build your business through authentic blog commenting.

Let’s dive in.

Comment on Blogs in Your Niche

Who seems most interested in you, your blog and your business? People following your blogging niche. Who follows your blogging niche? People who follow the top blogs in your niche.

Comment on blogs in your niche to grow your blogging business. Waste no time and energy blogging off-niche because few of these bloggers and readers love what you have to offer from a business perspective. Stick to your niche. Target. Comment in front of prying, genuine eyes.

Comment Genuine Value

Comment genuine, valuable blog comments to make a seismic impact. Impactful bloggers grow their businesses through blog commenting because you get what you give. Give value. Receive value.

Anil Agarwal genuinely comments on blogs persistently. He has published a high volume of authentic, valuable comments on my blog and in response to my guest posts. Linking to Anil potentially increases his traffic and blogging business. Why did I link to him? We have built a bond through genuine blog commenting and cross-promotion. We help each other out, we share value and we both help grow each other’s blogs and businesses. In essence, we just became friends by talking to each other through blog comments. Easy, right?

Give. Receive. Publish thorough, valuable comments to grow your business indirectly through blog commenting.


Personalize blog comments. Make an impact. Everybody loves hearing their name mentioned because folks who call us by name care about us, in most cases at least. People who personalize comments by using fellow blogger’s names and by signing off with their own names add a memorable personal touch. Any time you become memorable you lay the foundation for boosting your profits because being memorable allows blogging friendships to take root.

Never Mention Your Business in the Comment

Never mention your business in blog comments because people see this as spam. Did the blogger mention your business in their post? No? Why would you talk about a topic not mentioned in the post? This is spam.

Comment only on topics discussed in the blog post. Stay on topic. More importantly, avoid the spam or junk folders that pretty much precludes the blog commenting kiss of death.

Invest in Resources

I offer a few eBooks for teaching you how to blog comment effectively:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

Both resources offer you rich tutorials for how to do blog commenting right. Buying eBooks simply keeps you generous, patient and persistent; all qualities of every prospering, successful professional blogger.


Never overlook blog commenting. I viewed commenting as a waste of time for years; boy was I wrong. Turns out, genuine blog commenting led to blogging friendships that helped me go full time.

See the value in sharing your thoughts. Add value to blog posts. Comment genuinely to form strong friendships.

The upside of genuine blog commenting is limitless from both a traffic and business perspective.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Can You Build Your Business through Blog Comments?”

  1. Hi Ryan, Great blog post. without a doubt comments are a great way to build relationship with bloggers from niche you blog. Many newbie bloggers and content marketers put a lot of emphasis on look and feel of the blog. however they fail to realize the importance of building relationship with other bloggers in their niche. High quality comments are a great way to build relationship with fellow bloggers

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