Blogging: Do It Yourself But Not Alone

Blogging: Do It Yourself But Not Alone 2
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Does that title sound like a mind bender to you? Blog by yourself but do not blog alone. Some aspects of blogging require an intimately personal journey of solo choices. For example, I sat here on a rainy afternoon deciding to write and publish this guest post. No one made the decision for me. I had to do it myself. No one forced me, coached me or influenced me to write and publish this post. I had to do it, solo.

But I wrote and published this guest post on Sazzadul’s rocking blog. I could not do this fully alone because I had to befriend, bond with and gain the trust of a respected blogger to influence him to connect with me. He then invited me to guest post on his authority blog.

Do you see how blogging works? Do it yourself, but not alone. Teamwork makes the dream work but solely individual choices lead to building skills, exposure and credibility enough to build your blogger friend network. Does this sound confusing?

Worry not; I still feel confused about this solo / not solo blogging journey after blogging since 2008. I sometimes see blogging as a pure team effort but this perception is not true. I never could have been a team player unless I built my blog solo, through my intimately personal writing, practicing, creating and monetizing. I had to make those decisions solo to be the blogger I am today. I had to be my own #1 cheerleader during phases of my blogging career, per every professional blogger.

But making solo, personal choices reveals an interdependence – in some ways – upon the rest of humanity. Point blank; you cannot blog alone and succeed. Bloggers need a team to reach the top. Blogging success flows through your readers, clients, customers and fellow blogging buddies. Blogging lone wolves vanish, fast. Bloggers who try to go solo solely soon disappear because success flows through other humans.

Observe bloggers who try to manipulate Google and their blog by writing and publishing blog posts as the only means of trying to mine blogging success. All fade away into blogging obscurity. No one reads their blog. No one buys their stuff. No one hires them. Bloggers do not succeed by trying to manipulate things to get things like money and traffic. Bloggers succeed by making intimately personal choices leading to networking, serving, co-creating and connecting their way to becoming a professional blogger.

Everything begins with your personal choices. No one can will, force or manipulate you to succeed. Stop looking to other human beings as sources of inspiration, motivation or influence. Look within yourself to find your fun, your passion, stabilizing your energy for a long, sometimes uncomfortable blogging journey. Practice writing offline. Practice writing online. I spent a decent chunk of my 15,000 hours online writing solo, with literally no one watching. But I also networked, served people and built my blogging community by NOT making blogging a solo, lone wolf venture.

Blogging works best if you do it yourself, but not alone. Ponder this seeming riddle to understand how personal choices, practicing in private, and doing some work solo combined with networking generously and serving readers genuinely lays the foundation for a thriving, prospering, pro blogging career. Do it yourself but never alone. Learn to find the mix of identifying your inner driver, holding that intent as you blog solo but with a team at your disposal, too. Do it solo to develop an independent streak, allowing you to become strong-minded, but network generously and serve your readers generously to know that blogging teamwork makes the dream work.


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