Do You Try to Impress Bloggers or Help Bloggers?

Do You Try to Impress Bloggers or Help Bloggers? 2
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“Do not confuse understanding with a larger vocabulary, sacred writings are beneficial in stimulating desire for inward realization, if one stanza at a time is slowly assimilated. Continual intellectual study results in vanity and the false satisfaction of an undigested knowledge.” ~ Sri Yukteswar Giri

Blogging is an inside-out game. How you feel dictates how you act. How you act determines your blogging results.

I meditate and do Kriya yoga on waking every day. The enlightened soul I quoted above was a Kriya yoga master who inspires me daily. He makes an excellent point; how often do relatively new bloggers intend to impress readers with their intellect and achievements versus humbling themselves, generously helping readers and trusting in the process?

Never Base Your Worth on Your IQ

I knew a co-worker about two decades ago who seemed brilliant. He knew programming inside out. But pride deluded him. He believed he was the smartest guy in the room, puffed himself up and viewed most co-workers as being stupid.

As the saying goes…..twice the pride, double the fall. Basing his worth on his intelligence blinded him from the truth. Our employer fired him. Jobless at the time, he should have been a 6 figure earner based on his immense programming knowledge and skills. He made a common error. Basing your worth as a human being on intelligence alone leads to delusion, ego-drunkness and a failing blogging strategy of trying to impress people versus helping folks from a humble, generous energy.

Let Go Ego (As Much As Possible)

My ego dissolves a bit more each month. Why? I care less and less about trying to impress people with my accomplishments. I care more and more about helping people succeed. I love empowering people to live their dreams.

Check out my Seen At Page. A few months ago, I removed it from my menu. Why put more attention on myself? Why try to impress people into trusting me? Sure, some folks could trust me after learning about my famous features but my chief goal is to help people generously, not to attempt to impress people with my intellect, skills and accomplishments.

Most people care about receiving your help via free content and premium products and services. Serve up help through free and premium content to succeed. Folks want your service. Few human beings care about what you *did in the past* or *how smart you are* but almost all people *just want you to help them solve their problems and live their dreams.*

Successful bloggers serve folks generously.

Generous Service Precedes Blogging Success

Have fun helping people generously. Gain skills and exposure. Succeed. Give most attention and energy to helping people for free to gain credibility. Helping people for free positions you to help people for pay. Guest post, comment genuinely on blogs and promote bloggers through social media and your blog to help as many folks as possible daily.

Blogging feels like a bumpy ride sometimes but becomes easier and feels more enjoyable if you generously serve people. Meanwhile, fools waste precious energy trying to impress folks with their intellect, with their IQ and with their in-depth knowledge of their blogging niche. At day’s end, few human beings care about your intelligence, save other intellectual fools clinging to the same low self-esteem goading these dingbats into bragging like dolts.

People care if you care about them by helping them generously.

Spend your days in devout service. Publish posts to your blog from a prolific, generous approach. Broadcast live videos. Podcast. Solve reader problems. Make blogging buddies by assisting fellow bloggers. This journey gets easier if you spend virtually all of your blogging attention and energy helping people freely. This journey gets tougher if you spend massive amounts of attention and energy telling people how smart you are, trying to convince them of your intelligence and worth.


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