Do You Fear Losing Readers or Bond with Loyal Readers?

Do You Fear Losing Readers or Bond with Loyal Readers? 2
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I recall days when it seemed as if my entire blogging campaign revolved around not losing a single email subscriber.


I’ve come a little ways in that regard. I email only active subscribers now. I literally wrote off anyone who never opens my emails – or who opens as frequently as when Haley’s Comet blows through – because I bond with loyal readers and let go readers no longer vibing with my presentation. I appreciate all folks who stumble across my blog from various channels. I dig their support. I also let go people who do not vibe with my style because doing so gives me more energy – or all energy – to helping readers who love what I do. Isn’t that the point? We want to help loyal readers, customers and clients. We want to leave behind everyone else.

Never is this about taking things personally. I do not feel angry if someone ceases reading my blog. I do not judge these folks; one person has a different taste than another person. If I like chocolate ice cream and someone else likes vanilla ice cream. would I get angry or take it personally if someone prefers different ice cream than I? Of course not! I adopt a similar approach to blogging. If someone prefers not my blog I let them move on with ease. More importantly, I do not fear these different tasters from moving on because every human can take or leave my advice; it is their intimately personal choice.

I do not manipulate people to stick around. Nor do I convince or coerce people to stay. Doing each shows fear-weakness on the part of the manipulating, convincing, coercing blogger. Take my content or leave it. I give all my energy to readers who take my content and none to readers who leave my content because where my energy goes, grows. Helping people who dig my blog inspires them to promote my blog to their like-minded buddies, said like-minded buddies eventually buying my stuff, promoting me and endorsing me, on some level. Word of mouth marketing dictates if you care for your fans, your fans promote your blog to their like-minded friends, some of whom become fans. In essence, this is the simple way to succeed but it feels scary because you face, feel and release your fear of losing non-resonant readers, who move on from your blog after a quick visit or two.

I recall having lunch with a marketer. He shared fearing or flat out bemoaning the loss of 1 email subscriber. But what about the 1000s of email subscribers who enjoyed his work? Or, if in the 100s, what about the 100s of people who enjoy his work? Give your attention and energy to 10, 100 or 1000 human beings who love your work. Give no attention and energy to people who do not vibe with your blog. Let go people non-resonant to make room for more resonant people. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your energy to love to allow love and success to expand in your experience.

The number of readers you attract means little compared to the actual human beings who:

  • read your blog posts
  • love your blog posts
  • hire you
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • buy your stuff

Give virtually all of your energy to these folks! These folks help grow your business. Grab an eBook to network genuinely with these awesome folks. Be connected. Let go your fear of losing subscribers because crying over what you no longer have blinds you from what you DO have. Beware sneaky ego; ego complains about loss in an abundant universe. Ego fears losing readers versus allowing your heart to care for and appreciate loyal readers who love what you do, who hire you and who buy your stuff.

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